Modern Treasury Management

The role of the corporate treasurer has undergone significant changes in recent decades due to the increasing complexity of financial markets and the growing importance of risk management in corporate decision-making. In addition to traditional responsibilities such as managing cash flow, funding operations, and ensuring liquidity, modern corporate treasurers are now tasked with a broader range of strategic and operational responsibilities.

The Core Functions of a Modern Corporate Treasurer include:

  1. Cash and Liquidity Management:
    The treasurer must ensure that the organization has access to the right amount of funds in the desired currency, at the right time. They also need to effectively utilize financial instruments to meet corporate cash and liquidity goals.
  2. Reporting and Compliance:
    The treasurer must ensure compliance with ever-changing regulatory and compliance requirements, and navigate multiple accounting standards in real-time.
  3. Risk Management:
    The treasurer must identify and manage internal and external risks such as foreign exchange, counterparty, interest rate, and operational risks.

To effectively carry out their duties, a corporate treasury manager must have the right treasury suite and support team to meet organizational treasury goals. Every SAP Treasury implementation is unique in terms of scope, complexity, geography, and processes, and is closely integrated with the organization's IT landscape.

We support Corporate Treasury Managers and IT Managers in:

  • Simplifying existing complex treasury systems
    Simplifying existing complex treasury systems
  • Optimize banks and payments
    Optimize banks and payments
  • Improve working capital management
    Improve working capital management
  • Continuous support for treasury
    Continuous support for treasury
  • Support for S/4Hana migration and functional upgrades
    Support for S/4Hana migration and functional upgrades
  • Real time cash and liquidity insights across group
    Real time cash and liquidity insights across group
  • Improve market data feeds and updates
    Improve market data feeds and updates
  • Reliable support for centralizing bank communications
    Reliable support for centralizing bank communications
  • Train SAP users in treasury
    Train SAP users in treasury

BearingPoint SAP TRM Services

Our knowledgeable and trained consultants can help maximize the benefits of your SAP treasury solutions. They have the expertise to keep your SAP Treasury system operating at its best, address any gaps, and ensure it stays current with the latest advancements in SAP Treasury technology.

Corporate Treasury Center
  • Business process inputs
  • Requirement inputs


BearingPoint SAP TRM Support
  • Experienced resources in SAP Treasury
  • Knowledge of implementation and support
  • SAP best practices  
  • Delivery Capabilities
  • In-depth knowledge of industry and business processes 

Smooth running SAP Treasury

By partnering with us as your SAP Treasury support, you can expect a seamlessly running treasury operation, supported by our extensive capabilities and expertise in SAP Treasury.

To learn more about how we can help optimize your treasury operations, please contact us.

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Overview of SAP Treasury:

SAP Treasury management offers a wide range of features and functions for the end-to-end recording of financial transactions, managing financial risks such as liquidity, foreign exchange, counterparty, and market risks, real-time cash positions and forecasts, and centralized payment and communication management. Additionally, it provides accurate reporting and a comprehensive view of all business activities in line with local and international accounting principles.

Treasury and Risk Management

Working Capital Management

Payments and Bank Communications

Financial Risk Management

Cash and Liquidity Management

Treasury Reporting and Compliance

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