In the world of business, quality is paramount. That's why SAP QM is a crucial element that plays a vital role in ensuring products meet expected standards. At BearingPoint, we provide the tools and capabilities necessary for driving improved quality performance in organizations of all sizes and industries.

With SAP QM, procured or produced products undergo a rigorous inspection process to ensure they meet the expected quality standards. There are two main areas of SAP QM:

1. Inspection Planning: We can create the necessary setup based on business requirements and product expectations. This includes defining parameters to be inspected using task lists, calculating sample sizes using sampling procedures, establishing rules for skipping inspections, and setting up automatic triggers for inspection processing.

2. Inspection Processing: This involves recording results against the desired sample, manually or automatically evaluating the recorded results, handling defects through notification processing, and posting stock to relevant blocks based on the inspection evaluation.

Experience Excellence with SAP QM

At BearingPoint, we specialize in the key business processes of Quality Management. These processes can be categorized into the following core functions. Our team of experts is equipped to handle any custom requirements related to these functions.

➡️ Inspection in Procurement
➡️ Inspection in Production
➡️ Inspection in Sales and Distribution
➡️ Stability Study
➡️ Calibration process
➡️ Physical Samples
➡️ Quality Notification and Workflows

Discover how BearingPoint AMS Team can support your Quality Management activities in various phases of your SAP project:


➡️ Seamless migration of key data including Material Master QM view, Inspection setup, Catalog codes, and more.
➡️ Efficient upload of QI stocks to replicate existing stock levels and enhance QI block management.
➡️ Rigorous System Integration Testing (SIT) to ensure system integrity and smooth implementation.
➡️ Comprehensive Train the Trainer (TTT) program to equip trainers with new system processes.
➡️ Dedicated support for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to deliver expected results.
➡️ Proactive problem-solving for unique cases through code/configuration changes and thorough documentation.
➡️ Timely resolution of priority issues to keep operations running smoothly.


➡️ Resolving error reports from Business users in Inspection processing, including issues with triggering ➡️ inspection lots, assigning correct task lists, sample size determination, and stock posting.
➡️ Addressing system dumps and failed batch jobs, taking corrective action.
➡️ Ensuring QM Workflow follows the defined flow.
➡️ Documenting unique issues with root causes and stepwise solutions for future reference.
➡️ Identifying permanent solutions for recurring issues.
➡️ Providing debugging services.


➡️ Improving quality management processes, both standard and custom.
➡️ Streamlining the mass update/upload of important master data.
➡️ Customizing Certificate of Analysis (COA) to meet specific business or customer needs.
➡️ Smoothly migrating from ECC to S4 HANA system.

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