Unlock the full potential of SAP AMS with our comprehensive support services

Unchain your workforce

Create a dynamic organization by fostering internal knowledge transfer and leveraging the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Resolve your distinct SAP platform challenges

Tap into the expertise of our seasoned professionals who excel in agile principles, possess adaptive expertise, and are skilled in reverse engineering

Boost business satisfaction

Benefit from our comprehensive range of services, including business advisory, proactive operations, best practice guidance, and the collaborative power of fusion teams

Optimize your budget

Allocation Adopt a flexible approach to cost management and risk control with our real-time monitoring and optimization capabilities

We offer flexible pricing models to match your business objectives

  • Model 1


    • Hybrid teams (dedicated and pool)
    • Incident management and service request fulfillment
    • Proactive event management
    • Service hours 1
    • Target resolution times
    • Optional service extensions 2
    • Near- and offshore mix
    Costs: Starting from € 79,- / ticket
  • Model 2


    • Dedicated teams
    • Incident and problem management
    • Adapted service model
    • Flexible service hours 2
    • Change management & small projects included
    • Optional service extensions 3
    • Local-, Near- and offshore mix
    Costs: Starting from € 159,- / ticket
  • Model 3


    • Fully flexible service model
    • Business & IT operations improvement
    • Deployment management
    • Lifecycle management
    • Cloud solutions integration
    • Local-, near- and offshore mix
    Costs: Only upon request

1  09-17h (Monday – Friday CET)
2  Extended service hours (12x5) / follow the sun (24x7)
3  Continuous improvements, test management and execution, deployment management

Reach out to our team

Reach out to our team

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions regarding our pricing models, general questions about our SAP Application Management Services, or directly book a workshop session.


Schedule a workshop with our team to shape your future AMS organization

The future AMS organization will not only take care about your operating system but will support business through digital advisory and even change business strategies with digital innovation.