Benefits for your Treasury Team

  • Centralized control over bank management, from the creation to the closure of bank accounts
  • Accurate and precise views of short-term and long-term cash and liquidity positions, and liquidity analysis
  • Flexible and multiple-dimensional reports for banks, cash positions, and liquidity
  • Support to streamline the number of bank accounts across countries and currencies
  • Migrate your legacy Bank data to SAP HANA without any issues
  • Set up a workflow for the creation and modification of Banks and accounts

Effective cash and liquidity management is crucial for businesses to maintain financial stability and achieve growth. However, many organizations struggle with optimizing their cash positions, forecasting cash flow trends, and managing working capital efficiently. BearingPoint's SAP Solutions provide a comprehensive solution to these challenges, ensuring compliance with regulations, and enabling businesses to make informed decisions to achieve their financial goals. 

(A) Bank Relationship  management
  • Central Bank Management
  • Gives control over managing cash and liquidity to business users.
  • Workflows and Authorization.

Bank Relationship Management helps to centralize the management of bank accounts and aids in the following tasks:

  1.  Bank and Bank Account Hierarchy
  2. Bank Account Master Data

  3. BCM Approval Integration

  4. Overdraft Limits

  5. Change History

  6. Workflow


(B) Cash Operations

Cash operations help to review short-term cash forecasts, check cash flows, and manage bank transfers and outgoing payments through an approval process.

  • Review incoming bank statements and cash positions.
  • Manage intraday cash movements and cash concentration.
  • Perform daily cash receipt and disbursement analysis.

See below for the scope highlights: 


(C) Liquidity management

Liquidity management makes it easier to analyze actual cash inflows and outflows, forecast medium-term liquidity trends, and perform rolling planning. 

  • Analyze the past actual cash flows and forecast the medium-term liquidity trends.
  • Compare Plan/Actual, etc scenarios for the liquidity.

See below for the scope highlights: 

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