Optimize your pharmaceutical supply chain with BearingPoint's SAP Pharma AMS. Benefit from 7+ years of SAP expertise, 40+ certified consultants, and cutting-edge solutions for S/4HANA on-premise and SAP Cloud. Seamlessly integrate BearingPoint products for efficient data collection and forecasting. Elevate your SAP experience and stay ahead in the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape.

Common challenges in the pharmaceutical industry:

➡️ Stringent regulatory compliance: The pharmaceutical sector is heavily regulated by agencies like the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Regulatory agencies demand accurate and complete records of all manufacturing and testing activities, ensuring data integrity and documentation.

➡️ Process validation: Validating manufacturing processes, equipment, and methods is necessary for product consistency. Adhering to GMP  guidelines is crucial but resource-intensive.

➡️ Supply chain resilience: Disruptions in the supply chain, such as those seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, have highlighted the need for optimizing supply chain operations, enhancing visibility, enabling agile responses, and increasing resilience.

➡️ Environmental sustainability: There is a growing emphasis on sustainability in pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging by adopting eco-friendly sourcing, production, and packaging practices.

➡️ Drug pricing and cost management: The pharmaceutical industry faces ongoing scrutiny regarding drug pricing and cost management. Accelerating drug development while maintaining safety and efficacy is a constant challenge.

➡️ Personalized medicine: Patient-centricity is becoming more important. The shift towards personalized medicine requires extensive data management and analysis improving overall patient experience.

Why choose BearingPoint SAP PHARMA AMS?

  • Expert SAP Pharma AMS professionals for seamless project transition
  • Lean knowledge transfer during Hypercare for efficiency
  • Tailored S4HANA support with flexible contracts
  • Dedicated service management team for streamlined client communication
  • Predefined checkpoints for resource and service adjustments
  • Access to internal network experts for complex issues

Support and maintenance: Ongoing support and optimization

➡️ BearingPoint provides guidance and support with creating proper documentation and testing for sap systems changes, demonstrating compliance with regulations. We prepare pharmaceutical companies for regulatory audits by helping them maintain audit trails, ensuring data traceability. We inform the SAP users in the pharmaceutical sector about evolving regulations and how SAP solutions can support compliance efforts.

➡️Platform services SAP offers a range of valuable improvements for your pharma supply chain operations:

  • Rapid bug resolution through in-depth analysis of standard and custom code, minimizing system disruptions;
  • Optimized FI/CO/PS/SD/SCM configuration to align with sustainable business processes in terms of production/packaging;
  • Professional advisory for automating time-consuming tasks, leveraging machine learning to eliminate human error;
  • Data migration with SAP tools as migration cockpit;
  • Digitalized data collection, enabling alerts for deviations using own IP (SWARM and data quality navigator);
  • Comprehensive and insightful cost/price reporting for informed decision-making, increasing visibility.

➡️ BearingPoint grants extensive assistance across the full spectrum of personalized medicine operations, leveraging SAP cloud solutions to consolidate patient data from different sources, optimizing supply chain operations in s4hana on-premise, as well as providing analysis of complex datasets with SAP analytics cloud.

Implementation process

Highlights showcasing our SAP Pharma services and capabilities

  • Warehouse management


    ➡️ Product serialization and traceability

    ➡️ Cold chain management

    ➡️ Inventory accuracy

    ➡️ Inefficient use of space

    ➡️ Complex warehouse processes


    ✔️ Enable serialization and batch tracking. Implement barcode and RFID technologies for real-time tracking and traceability.

    ✔️ Integrate temperature monitoring sensors and IoT devices with sap wm to ensure real-time visibility into cold chain conditions. Implement alerts for temperature deviations.

    ✔️ Improve inventory accuracy by implementing cycle counting and RFID technology. Leverage SAP WM’s real-time visibility and reporting to manage inventory effectively.

    ✔️ Implement slotting strategies and optimization algorithms to assign items to the most suitable storage locations based on factors like size, weight, and turnover rates.

    ✔️ Configure sap WM to handle various storage types and conditions. Customize put away and picking strategies based on storage conditions & material properties for hazardous materials and use slotting strategies to optimize storage and retrieval processes.

  • Production planning


    ➡️ Inventory management

    ➡️ Production planning and scheduling

    ➡️ Supplier collaboration


    ✔️ Optimize drug inventory levels, and minimize stockouts and overstock situations by using SAP advanced planning & optimization.

    ✔️ Provide accurate forecasting and automated replenishment of inventory with pp material requirements planning.

    ✔️ Generate production plans that optimally utilize available resources, reducing downtime and labor costs with sap production planning and scheduling tools.

    ✔️ Monitor delivery times, quality of goods or services, adherence to contractual agreements, and overall supplier reliability with sap supplier relationship management.

  • Project system and controlling


    ➡️ Regulatory compliance and documentation

    ➡️ Budget control 

    ➡️ Forecasting and predictive analytics

    ➡️ Risk management for complex projects

    ➡️ Project Integration


    ✔️ Create project structures that include milestones for regulatory approvals and documentation. Attach relevant documents to project tasks and milestones for easy access during audits

    ✔️ Configure cost centers and cost elements to track project expenses in real-time. Use variance analysis to identify budget overruns and take corrective actions.

    ✔️ Optimize resource allocation, especially in research and development projects where skill sets are critical with SAP PS. Configure SAP CO for advanced cost forecasting and predictive analytic

    ✔️ Create risk structures within projects, identify potential risks, assign owners, and define mitigation plans.

     ✔️ Integrate sap ps with sap modules as SCM, to ensure a smooth flow of information, by enabling automatic procurement of materials, quality checks, and inventory management linked to the project/WBS.

Real-world results

Our business process was a multifaceted challenge: on one hand, we needed to efficiently transfer critical sales data from salesforce to SAP, including vital information such as therapeutic area, molecule type, and material details e.g., animal data. Simultaneously, there was a requirement to update specific SAP fields within salesforce, encompassing data such as quotation numbers, project WBS, personnel numbers and their hours, sales orders information, and others. BearingPoint supported through integration of Salesforce with SAP using cloud platform integration middleware, to speed up the process of clinical trials

An American pharmaceutical company

BearingPoint undertook the responsibility of streamlining all production planning (PP) related processes for our company. This encompassed designing, customizing, and optimizing critical aspects such as bill of materials (BOM), routings, process variants (PV), work centers, repacking procedures, scrap processes, and production resource tools (PRT).
Their dedicated team identified and addressed gaps in the existing processes which were successfully resolved within the sap environment, ensuring a seamless workflow. For those rare instances where SAP alone couldn't provide a solution, the team adopted an innovative approach by exploring non-sap alternatives to align with our specific business requirements.

A success story of a French pharma company

Ready to enhance your pharmaceutical operations?

Ready to enhance your pharmaceutical operations?

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