Financial risk management supports the identification, quantification, and management of exposure to financial instrument risks through real-time reviews and analysis. It helps in planning risk mitigation strategies using financial instruments for hedging purposes.

Key Features of Financial Risk Management

  • Identify and assess market, credit, and portfolio risks associated with financial transactions.
  • Include tools to calculate risks using market data, control counterparty default risk, or measure investment performance.
  • Help estimate risks based on real data or through simulations.
  • Actively set limits and classify risks through different hierarchy levels.
  • Manage foreign exchange risk across different currencies.
  • Manage firm-wide exposure, hedging, and hedge accounting.
  • Manage interest rate exposures and limits.
  • Ensure compliance with IFRS/US GAAP and local accounting standards for hedge accounting.

SAP Risk Analysers

Market Risk Analyser
  • Handles Interest/FX/Commodity and security risks
  • Ensure accurate price calculation using techniques such as NPV, sensitivities, etc.
  • Perform cash flow risk analysis.
  • Simulate rates to analyze various scenarios and potential outcomes.
  • Calculate Value at Risk using methods such as Historical, Monte Carlo, and Var-Covar. 
Credit Risk Analyser
  • Manage utilization, counterparty risks, and settlement risks.
  • Centrally measure, analyze and manage counterparty risks.
  • Freely set multi-dimensional limits with limit checks, such as trader-wise, financial product-wise, and company-wise limits.
Portfolio Analyser
  • Calculate yield.
  • Use benchmark performance indicators for analysis and comparison.

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