S/4 HANA Supply Chain Execution, or Logistics Execution, as it was formerly addressed in SAP ECC, is used to map and manage the logistical processes of a company.  We specialize in addressing custom requirements for Supply Chain Execution and seamlessly integrating with Third-Party or Extended Warehouse Management Systems.

Our solutions cover all core functions, including

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Delivery Management

Automate picking, packing, shipping, and inbound processes for efficient customer delivery and streamlined handling of incoming goods. Plus, easily manage returns delivery processing.

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Goods Receipt Processing

Take control of inbound processes like posting goods receipts for purchase orders or stock transfer orders. Effortlessly process warehouse orders and create and manage inbound deliveries.

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Goods Issue Processing

Smoothly handle outbound processes such as posting goods issue for sales orders, picking materials for outbound deliveries, and performing value-added services. Monitor your warehouse and effortlessly process outbound deliveries.

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Transportation Management

Plan and execute your transportation needs effectively.

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Third-Party Warehouse Management System Integration

Seamlessly integrate your existing third-party system for a unified logistics solution.

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SAP Extended Warehouse Management Integration

Leverage the power of SAP's Extended Warehouse Management system to enhance your logistics operations.

Experience Customized Solutions

Looking to transform your supply chain and boost your logistical efficiencies?

With our S/4 HANA Supply Chain Execution expertise, you can rest assured that your logistical processes will be fully optimized and streamlined to improve your bottom line. From complex supply chain mapping to logistics management, we've got you covered every step of the way.

Discover how BearingPoint AMS Team can support your Logistics Execution activities in various phases of your SAP project:


➡️ Efficiently migrate data such as material master data and Supplier Business Partners.
➡️ Stay on top of system performance with monitoring of IDocs, batch jobs, and runtime errors.
➡️ Provide comprehensive user training and support, collaborating closely with key business users to address any challenges they may face.
➡️ Swiftly resolved system issues in the Logistics Execution area, from IDoc and partner setup errors to customization and distribution model issues.
➡️ Address enhancements that require rework.
➡️ Implement temporary workarounds for uninterrupted business operations.
➡️ Resolve high-priority issues within designated timeframes


➡️ Proactively monitor and resolve failed IDocs in decentralized warehouse scenarios.
➡️ Provide effective solutions for any LE-related report issues, whether they're standard, custom, or queries.
➡️ Resolve errors reported by business users in LE activities, including those related to material master data setup, material movements, output determination, stock, picking and packing, IDoc distribution, delivery generation, shipment documents, and stock transfer documents.
➡️ Analyze and resolve runtime errors to ensure smooth system performance.
➡️ Take prompt action to address failed batch jobs.
➡️ Foster quick coordination within the team to provide incident assistance.
➡️ Utilize debugging to efficiently troubleshoot issues.


➡️ Enhanced standard Logistics Execution reports.
➡️ Scheduled batch jobs and performed mass updates of master data.
➡️ Set up SAP EDI and Middleware integration (Save Replica, DESADV, Confirm Decentral, SHIPMENT, etc).
➡️ Automated LE processes (inbound/outbound delivery creation, automatic packing etc.).
➡️ Created custom Logistics reports & queries and enhanced standard functionalities.
➡️ Added custom fields to Inbound/Outbound delivery tables.
➡️ Implemented new Logistics processes in SAP.
➡️ Set up Output Determination.
➡️ Integrated SAP with internal/external systems and EDI vendors.
➡️ Enhanced IDocs and shipment process.
➡️ Developed picking/packing setup.
➡️ Customized to meet business requirements.
➡️ Conducted company reorganization & carve-outs as well as system conversion from ECC to S4 Hana.

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