Sourcing and procurement play a vital role in SAP's S/4 HANA system, previously known as Materials Management in SAP ECC. This functionality is a central part of SAP that drives logistics and supply chain operations, encompassing various activities like managing material and vendor data, inventory management, purchasing, goods receiving, planning, and invoice verification.

By implementing optimized sourcing and procurement processes using SAP's best practices, businesses can achieve increased productivity and cost reduction. This ensures there are no material shortages along the supply chain. We prioritize seamless integration with finance, production planning, quality management, external warehouse management, and sales and distribution to effectively support our customers in a personalized manner.

BearingPoint’s team of experts has extensive SAP Sourcing and Procurement knowledge and experience, covering all sub-areas:

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Enhance Your SAP Sourcing and Procurement with BearingPoint's Expert Team

Leverage our extensive knowledge and experience in SAP Sourcing and Procurement. Our experts cover all sub-areas, enabling us to guide you toward more efficient processes. Maximize the potential of your IT landscape with our assistance.

Discover how our AMS Team can support your Sourcing and Procurement activities at every stage of your SAP project :


➡️ Seamlessly transition from our Implementation Team.
➡️ Effortlessly migrate crucial data, including material master data, Supplier Business Partners, purchasing info-records, source list, and initial stock.
➡️ Ensure smooth operations with comprehensive system monitoring, including Idoc monitoring, batch jobs monitoring, and runtime errors monitoring.
➡️ Provide extensive user training and support, collaborating closely with Business key users to address any daily challenges they may face.
➡️ Swiftly resolve system issues in the MM (Materials Management) area, such as incorrect material master data setup, supplier master data setup errors, material movement posting errors, release strategy and approval workflow errors, automatic price determination errors, and stock-related issues.
➡️ Conduct thorough analysis and diagnosis of Workflow work items with errors.
➡️ Enhance and refine functionalities to meet your specific needs.


➡️ Monitor and resolve failed Idocs efficiently.
➡️ Analyze and provide solutions for any issues with MM reports, including queries, standard reports, and custom reports.
➡️ Identify and resolve errors reported by business users in MM activities, such as incorrect material master data setup and posting of material movements.
➡️ Analyze balance discrepancies in purchasing document flows.
➡️ Manage open work items for specific agents and restart approval workflows.
➡️ Administer and maintain custom workflow launchpad, including approval levels and structure adjustments.
➡️ Analyze and resolve system runtime errors.
➡️ Resolve issues with failed batch jobs.
➡️ Offer expert debugging skills for efficient problem-solving.


➡️ Improve standard MM reports and create custom reports and queries.
➡️ Enhance standard SAP MM functionalities, such as adding custom fields and activating user exits.
➡️ Customize standard MM tables by adding custom fields.
➡️ Create new MM processes in SAP, including new document types, delivery types, and movement types.
➡️ Design and implement interfaces between SAP and other systems, including electronic data interchange (EDI) with vendors.
➡️ Perform mass updates of master data, including material master and supplier master data.
➡️ Customize PR and PO release strategy and transfer classes and characteristics via Idocs.
➡️ Automate the removal of workflow errors and customize workflow settings.
➡️ Add additional functions to approval workflows, such as user options to skip approvals and customized reports for approvers.
➡️ Adjust the internal order approval workflow to accommodate the new budget allocation process.
➡️ Facilitate company reorganization and carve-out processes.
➡️ Perform system conversion from ECC to the S4 Hana platform.

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