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Our SAP Supply Chain Management solutions can help your organization streamline operations, eliminate manual data entry, maximize visibility into resources and materials supply chains, and accelerate fulfillment timelines - all while maintaining cost control goals.

Production Planning Process in SAP



    Production planning is based on demand for the product and capacity leveling is necessary to prevent capacity bottlenecks.

    • Production planning is based on the budgeted sales plan to meet sales requirements throughout the production cycle. Demand for the product is managed through planned independent requirements, which are then used in material requirement planning (MRP) to determine the availability of raw materials.
    • If there is a shortage of materials, purchase requisitions are created for external procurement and planned orders are created for in-house production.
    • These purchase requisitions and planned orders initiate the procurement and production execution cycles, respectively.
    • To prevent capacity bottlenecks, capacity leveling is necessary as MRP operates with infinite capacities.

    Production orders are created, scheduled, executed, and technically completed in order to accurately calculate production variances.

    • Planned orders are transformed into Production orders and scheduled according to production timings using master data, such as routings.
    • The production Supervisor releases Production Orders on the shop floor and conducts material availability checks to ensure all components are present.
    • Production activities are carried out based on the Routing, which specifies the Work Center for each operation.
    • After production is finished, confirmations are executed, and goods movement for material consumption and receipt are recorded. This updates the order status to Delivered (DLV) and the material is received in the designated storage location.
    • Prior to settling orders at the end of the month, production orders must be marked as technically completed to calculate production variances accurately by the controlling personnel.

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Discover how BearingPoint AMS Team can support your Production Planning activities in various phases of your SAP project:


➡️ Seamlessly migrate data with ease: upload material master data, Bill of Material (BOM), Routing data, and stock initialization.
➡️ Streamline PP activities by providing expert solutions to errors reported by Business users, such as incorrect material master data setup, posting errors in material movements, dependent requirement errors, confirmation errors for orders, availability check errors, and stock-related errors.
➡️ Expertise in planning procedures like MRP, MPS, and Consumption-Based Planning runs. Extensive involvement in MRP including total/single item planning, BOM status/explosion, and Net change planning.
➡️ Successfully implemented Demand management and MRP configuration.
➡️ Enhance system functionality by reworking enhancements that don't meet expectations.
➡️ Resolve day-to-day user issues related to PP functionality.
➡️ Analyze and resolve critical issues arising in the SAP system.
➡️ Provide training and on-site support on the new system.


➡️ Monitoring and resolving failed Idocs.
➡️ Providing solutions for issues with PP reports.
➡️ Resolving errors reported by users in PP activities.
➡️ Analyzing and resolving system runtime errors.
➡️ Addressing issues with MRP parameters.
➡️ Applying permanent fixes through debugging when necessary.


➡️ Successfully implemented and supported make-to-stock and make-to-order strategies.
➡️ Efficiently configured and managed Shop Floor activities, including order creation, conversion, release, and confirmation.
➡️ Played a vital role in supporting Sales and Operations Planning, Demand Management, and MRP parameters.
➡️ Experienced in managing manual purchase requisitions, purchase orders, goods receipts, stock transfers, and stock postings.
➡️ Actively involved in enhancing processes for improved business performance.
➡️ Skilled in customizing user-specific changes to meet unique business requirements.

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