Drastically reduce unsold Copies while protecting single-issue Sales of your Newspapers and Magazines with DemandSens Press

The modern press industry faces two kinds of challenges:

Every day, millions of newspapers end up being thrown away without ever having been sold, let alone read. Many press vendors have a high rate of unsold newspapers on a recurring basis. They are oversupplied.

The key is to reduce the costs of production and distribution by minimizing the number of unsold copies.

Others sell frequently their entire stock. This means that they would have maybe sold more if they have received a higher supply of newspaper. They might be undersupplied.

Missed opportunity to make profit?

It's hard to keep up with demand, but AI-Forecasting can help

Forecasting the right products in quantities suited for any given day is not an easy task, but we have made this our sole focus. Our DemandSens solution uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict the optimal daily stock of newspapers and magazines to be sent out to each newspaper and press vendor. These predictions are based on historical data as well as various other factors like demand patterns or seasonality trends.

This way, we can reduce your costs of production and distribution by minimizing the number of unsold copies, while reducing the cases where copies are sold-out too fast.

DemandSens Press helps you lower distributed quantities and limit shortages while speeding up the forecasting process.

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DemandSens Press in a Nutshell


Calculate the optimal number of copy of any type of press title to be supplied for every single point of sales across your distribution network.


Let human expertise input expertise by adjusting quantities with the help of contextualized information and advanced filtering/sorting features.


Investigate sales trends and key performance indicators thanks to an advanced Business Intelligence module, computing on-the-fly what you're looking for.

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The DemandSens Press Model

Data Pre-Processing Modelling

Model Optimization

1a Data Cleaning
Delete non-logical, aberrant, or
incomplete data.

1b Feature Enrichment
Add calendar and PoS additional information (optional).

1c Data Normalization
Choose a standardization method, often depending on PoS seasonality.

1d PoS Clustering
By average sales, by tranche, or by profile.

1e Additional Step
Add sales lags and estimate potential sales.

2a Split of Data
Separate training data into two: a learning set and a validation set.

2b Models’ Generation
Generating a model for each cluster with a different quantile.

3a Optimize Parameters
Optimize the model hyperparameters.

3b Best Cluster
Choose for each cluster the best model, that reduces both the unsold and sold-out rates.

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DemandSens Press' unique Features that set us apart

Forecast of Supply Quantities

DemandSens' powerful engine calculates the quantity for each outlet in your network in seconds. The speed of calculation and the simple ergonomics allow regular use for each new publication, even for the short periodicity of the daily press. The distribution will be adjusted by integrating the last update of the statistical feedback. The settings are configurable so that you always have your default configuration.

Forecast of Supply Quantities


Your specific orders are recorded in this module, which integrates them in each setting instead of the calculated quantities. Your orders can easily be managed by periods.


Atypical Dates

Exceptional releases are identified by the user so that they can be excluded from the calculations for DemandSens proposals or statistics displays.

Atypical Dates


Statistics can be viewed in tabular or graphical form. The selection of PoS characteristics is the same as for the settings. Statistics can be viewed in tabular or graphical form. The selection of PoS characteristics is the same as for the settings.


Lifting the Hood

DemandSens is your unique fully automated AI-driven Forecasting Engine.

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