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Our Story

DemandSens started as a project in 2019, incubated in the AI Factory owned by BearingPoint, a leading European-based consulting firm with 6,000 employees (FTEs).

Originally focused on designing and developing an ambitious AI workbench software named HyperCube, the idea was to leverage its unique AI and data-driven capabilities to build vertical SaaS solutions addressing industry-specific use cases. Combining BearingPoint's undisputed track record in the media industry and expertise in product development, we quickly identified demand forecasting as a critical use case. This is how DemandSens came to life.

We initially addressed key issues for press publishers and more recently expanded to optimize book distribution. Today, DemandSens stands out as one of the most well-known demand forecasting and distribution optimization software solutions designed specifically for the publishing industry.

The future looks promising as we aim to leverage our unique AI-driven automated forecasting pipeline to address new segments such as fresh foods, fast fashions, and more to come!

Our Values

Act beyond yourself

Act beyond yourself

We don’t attach our personal selves to ideas. We remove ourselves - our fears, our pride - from our work to lead to a better, more productive experience for us and everyone around us. Not only that, but we’re all rowing this boat together.

Improve consistently

Improve consistently

Improving consistently is about striving to be better, not in competition with anyone but our yesterday selves. We are committed to working every day toward personal and professional growth.

Show commitment

Show commitment

We are dedicated to the long-term development and success of our clients and our people. We believe that embracing diversity leads to greater results for our people, our clients and society.

Cultivate positivity

Cultivate positivity

Choosing optimism is foundational to DemandSens’ kind and joyful culture. Optimism helps us look to the future with positivity, while embracing hard conversations and decisions in service of DemandSens’ health and future.

Get to know our team

We’re committed to building a diverse team and a work environment that’s inclusive of people of all backgrounds. Meet the brilliant minds behind the scenes, each contributing their expertise and passion to drive our vision forward. From product development to customer support, our team is united in the pursuit of excellence.

Explore their profiles and discover the individuals shaping the future of AI-powered Publishing Distribution at DemandSens.

Meet the team

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Working at DemandSens is more than just a job. Want to come along for the ride?

Our currently open roles are listed here below:

Data Engineer Intern - Products Data (M/F/D) - Paris La Défense - Hybrid

Data Engineer - Products Data (M/F/D) - Paris La Défense - Hybrid

Visit our French career website for more open roles.

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