DemandSens makes your Organization smarter by using all your Distribution and Sales Data.

Supplying fast-moving products is complex – we know this. Our innovative software solution combines artificial intelligence algorithms, advanced data analytics, and smart predictions to improve your sales performance in a global context of high market attrition.

BearingPoint DemandSens can detect sales trends that escape the human analytical mind. The perfect knowledge of the circulation of your newspapers, magazines, and books presents the risk of having a distorted perception. The users of our analysis and adjustment tools are comfortably defining the strategy and adjustments of seasonal releases and managing geographical variations in sales. However, sales variations can be so fine-grained in places that they are not perceptible to the trained and experienced eye of the circulation manager.

Determining the exact amount of the right product in the right place and at the right time is subject to high fluctuations. This is what DemandSens is all about.

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Ways Your Business can Benefit From DemandSens

  • Not only optimize sales, but also uncover unknown potentials
  • Knowing how many products need to be available in which place and at what time
  • Use social media data for forecasting through social listening & sentiment
  • Make an active contribution to reducing CO2 emissions
Discover our three DemandSens Solutions

You’re looking for a highly efficient Forecasting Software and a Team of Experts ready to support your Sales?

DemandSens for Press

Drastically reduce unsold Copies while protecting single-issue Sales of your Newspapers & Magazines.

DemandSens for Books

Leverage AI to predict Sales in the right Places & Print the right Volume of Books.

Make it Yours – Customize DemandSens

Let's co-design & develop a Forecasting Software tailored to your Business Challenges!

What our Clients achieved with DemandSens

  • Results that make a real Difference 2 Newspaper copies were not printed uselessly by our client during the first year of usage
  • Scalable Platform 40 Forecast quantities are pushed every year by DemandSens in the press industry
  • Versatile Engine 6 SKUs per point of sale are being annually forecasted by DemandSense

Don't take our Word for it. Hear what our Customers say about DemandSens:

Thanks to DemandSens, we have optimized our day-to-day delivery forecasting, and the productivity gains for our teams are undeniable. BearingPoint's teams are working with us to improve the quality of our forecasts and therefore maximize our business performance.

Centre France, Guillaume Jully: Head of Sales Management Press and Special Products

DemandSens was very quickly adopted by the operational teams in charge of delivery forecasting of all the titles operated on our different sales networks (40+ newspapers & magazines on national, regional & hawking networks). A very precious tool!

Le Parisien, Frederic Gondolo: Sales Director & Customer Relationships

DemandSens has allowed us to greatly simplify, accelerate, and make our novelties sales processes even more reliable!

MPP, Stephane Aznar: Chief Executive Media Diffusion

With DemandSens, sales forecasting team frees up a lot of high added-value time with limited action on checking very specific situations.

Le Figaro, Philippe Grinberg: Print & Digital Sales Director

With DemandSens, artificial and human intelligence learn from each other and combine efficiently. This innovation in our ‘old’ profession allows us to work faster, better and in a more cost-effective manner.

Groupe Amaury, Eric Matton: Editor & Print Director

These book publishers are already using DemandSens:

  • Our satisfied customer: Media Participations
  • Our satisfied customer: Rustica Éditions
  • Our satisfied customer: Knesebeck
  • Our satisfied customer: Seuil
  • Our satisfied customer: Le Lombard
  • Our satisfied customer: Dargaud
  • Our satisfied customer: Michelin Éditions
  • Our satisfied customer: Dupuis
  • Our satisfied customer: Kana
  • Our satisfied customer: POINTS
  • Our satisfied customer: Dilisco
  • Our satisfied customer: Leduc's
  • Our satisfied customer: Éditions 365
  • Our satisfied customer: Fleurus
  • Our satisfied customer: Éditions de l'Olivier
  • Our satisfied customer: Éditions du sous-sol
  • Our satisfied customer: Lucky Comics
  • Our satisfied customer: Ellipsanime
  • Our satisfied customer: MDS
  • Our satisfied customer: Vuibert
  • Our satisfied customer: JouVence
  • Our satisfied customer: Éditions de La Martinière

These press publishers trust our solution:

  • Our satisfied press customer: Le Figaro
  • Our satisfied press customer: L'Equipe
  • Our satisfied press customer: Le Parisien
  • Our satisfied press customer: Les Echos
  • Our satisfied press customer: Ebra Group
  • Our satisfied press customer: Hachette Livre
  • Our satisfied press customer: The Irish Times
  • Our satisfied press customer: Aujourd'hui en France
  • Our satisfied press customer: Albin Michel
  • Our satisfied press customer: Libération
  • Our satisfied press customer: L'Express
  • Our satisfied press customer: AFP
  • Our satisfied press customer: Le Point
  • Our satisfied press customer: Dailymotion
  • Our satisfied press customer: Uni Médias
  • Our satisfied press customer: Libella

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