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Supplying fast-moving products is complex. Forecasting the right products in the right quantities at the right place, every day, is submitted to high variability. This is what DemandSens is all about

Business Benefits

  • Get an ROI-driven Business Model with limited Upfront Costs
  • Access to an undisputed Level of Forecasting Accuracy
  • Experience a modern and sleek UX/UI
  • Contribute actively to a better World by lowering your Carbon Footprint
Our Solutions

You’re looking for a highly efficient forecasting software and a team of experts ready, willing and alongside you?


Drastically reduce unsold copies while protecting single-issue sales of your newspapers & magazines


Leverage AI to predict sales in the right places & print the right volume of books


Let's co-design & develop with speed a forecasting software tailored to your business challenges!

What our Clients achieved with DemandSens

  • Results that make a real Difference 2 Newspaper copies were not printed uselessly by our client during the first year of usage
  • Scalable Platform 40 Forecast quantities are pushed every year by DemandSens in the press industry
  • Versatile Engine 6 SKUs per point of sale are being annually forecasted by DemandSense

Don't take our word for it. Hear what our Customers say about DemandSense:

With DemandSens, artificial and human intelligence learn from each other and combine efficiently. This innovation in our ‘old’ profession allows us to work faster, better and in a more cost-effective manner.

Eric Matton, Editor & Print Director - Groupe Amaury

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