Who we are?

We're a small team on a mission to unleash the power of AI & Data for next-gen Publishing Distribution– and along the way, we're championing a more human way to work. DemandSens was started in 2019 as a simple daily newspaper sales forecasting engine. Today it's a growing suite of tools now serving more than 150 book publishers and 100 press titles.

Where will I work?

DemandSens is a hybrid remote/on-site (La Défense) team, mostly based in Paris. We have teammates in surrounding areas, Germany and also in Romania where BearingPoint holds a 500+ FTEs near shore center. As a member of our team, you will be invited to work wherever you're happiest and most productive.

Working at DemandSens is more than just a job.

What is the DemandSens team like?

We’re part of a solid, fast-growing European Consulting Firm, BearingPoint (6 000 FTEs), that has set up in 2019 an ambitious business unit named BearingPoint Products. DemandSens team is fully autonomous Products entity, in charge of designing & delivering disruptive AI & Data driven forecasting tools.

What kind of people work at DemandSens? All kinds! We hire talented teammates from a wide variety of Product backgrounds and experiences, and we're committed to a work environment of respect and kindness.

How do we work?

That is of course a constantly evolving topic, but we are applying agile principles:

◽ Cross-functional team
◽ Iterative development
◽ Prioritization and Backlog Management
◽ Sprint Planning
◽ Daily Stand-up
◽ Continuous Integration
◽ Iterative Review Adaptation and Improvement (Retro)

We try to stay focus on tangible results delivery while embracing changes in requirements or priorities, as Agile methodology values responding to change over strictly following a plan. Adaptability is key to delivering a product that meets evolving customer needs.

United by our values

  • Act beyond yourself
    Act beyond yourself
  • Improve consistently
    Improve consistently
  • Show commitment
    Show commitment
  • Cultivate positivity
    Cultivate positivity

Want to come along for the ride?

Perks and benefits 

Our focus with perks and benefits is to offer everything teammates need to do their best, healthiest work and keep developing their craft.

➕ Competitive salary: Our salary formula is constantly benchmarked against market references
➕ Performance bonus: Impact is cherished and rewarded
➕ Profit sharing: When the holding does well, all team members share the profits
➕ Long term incentive plan: 10k€+ bonus after 3 years
➕ Work remotely: Live and work up to 3 days a week
➕ Health insurance: We offer an undisputed health insurance for all of our team members
➕ Food: 10€ / day to eat wherever you want ! (ticket restaurant)
➕ Transport: 50€/month for public transport or electric bicycles
➕ Culture: 250€ / year + numerous rebates on culture/leisure
➕ Home office setup: Get a laptop + Smartphone + €150 to set up your home office
➕ Vacation: At least 5 weeks/year + 2 weeks as RTT in France
➕ Car plan: 3 years lease plan for hybrid or electric cars
➕ Sabbaticals: Take a 4 to 12 weeks break, 50% paid, after every 4 years with DemandSens

Our open roles:

Working at DemandSens is more than just a job. Want to come along for the ride?

Our currently open roles are listed here below:

▶️ Data Engineer Intern - Products Data (M/F/D) - Paris La Défense - Hybrid

▶️ Data Engineer - Products Data (M/F/D) - Paris La Défense - Hybrid

Visit our French career website for more open roles.

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