Providing support for Salesforce is nothing special in itself. Many competitors offer cheap Salesforce support, and even Salesforce offers support with their licenses. All you need for support is someone who knows how to click in the Salesforce UI. But what if your Salesforce support would not just be someone sitting somewhere with the target to close as many tickets as possible to fulfill KPIs? What if your Salesforce support would be your single point of contact for any request, bringing your Salesforce Org to the next level? And changes were implemented continuously to improve your solution, and your system parameters were taken care of even before issues arose and you were supported in reaching your KPIs?

Salesforce support by BearingPoint Business Services provides these services and much more. Salesforce support by BearingPoint is your partner when it comes to high-quality services. Highly educated engineers equipped with state-of-the-art toolsets comprise our support team, and they are certified for all common Salesforce clouds. All our engineers have several years of experience in support; solving our client’s issues is part of our DNA. All our processes are aligned to industry standards like ITIL, and we are ISO 9001/27001 certified.

We provide immediate and direct access to our dedicated engineers. They are not only responsible for the whole request lifecycle, but they also take over the responsibility for the entire Salesforce landscape. We deliver our service out of Graz, Austria, having dozens of other technology experts right on hand with immediate access to hundreds of experts in our BearingPoint network to cover any of your requests regardless of technology or challenge.

Why BearingPoint Salesforce Platform Services?

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Benefit #1

We provide support via phone, chat, email or ticket-system and in the common languages of our business partners (English, German, French).

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Benefit #2

We offer 24/7 service that covers high availability services and critical business processes.

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Benefit #3

We guarantee a fast response and resolution time for any of your requests.

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Benefit #4

Multi-cloud knowledge: Our Salesforce experts are not only certified for all common Salesforce Clouds and technologies, but they also have many years of experience in supporting them: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Einstein Analytics, and Tableau.

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Benefit #5

Our world does not end with the boundaries of Salesforce. We take care of your business processes and all data coming inside or getting outside of Salesforce. We support all interfaces and interface middleware and help resolve challenges concerning third-party applications like SAP, webshops, cloud services, mobile apps, etc.

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Benefit #6

We don’t put levels on our service. Regardless if someone needs assistance in handling Salesforce, a request investigation on an issue, or requires a high-priority code fix, we can do that. Even if we spot general process issues, we are ready to provide consulting to get the most out of your Salesforce solution.

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Benefit #7

We take care of dashboards and business reports and provide technical overviews and classifications to help steer in the right direction.

Together we are stronger

In our world, we do not name requesters or providers. Our clients are our partners, and we deliver services that bring success to the partnership. We work at eye level with our clients and listen to their ideas. Our clients receive our consulting expertise and decades of experience in business processes, digitalization, and technology. Our clients’ visions combined with our knowledge result in the highest added value possible with Salesforce.

What are the most critical factors for Salesforce that can take you one step ahead of your competitors?

Take it or leave it wouldn’t be the right approach for your clients either, right?

Have you ever bought a car where you can just choose between a predefined standard, advanced, and premium package? We assume not. So why not have a catalog of optional equipment for a service where you can put everything you want into your shopping cart and only pay for what you will use and need? Our Salesforce support service is designed to fulfill your individual demands. There is no need to pay for services and activities that do not create added value for you. There is also no need to seek out different experts for your various challenges: we have all the experts you need. And by the way, every part of our service is premium.

The Service section covers everything regarding the service, availability, SLAs, processes, and more and allows you to build the service organization you need.

The Activities section provides all task areas and activities needed to operate and support your Salesforce solution successfully.

Our Evolution section is the perfect area to proactively operate and develop your Salesforce solution according to tomorrow’s business demands.

Okay, sounds good in theory, but how does it work in practice?

Every client is different, and we tailor our solutions for the best fit. Our clients are from various industry segments, so each of them has distinct business challenges. All of our clients benefit from our business expertise combined with our technical know-how. These individual packages are precisely tailored to each client’s needs and bring enormous added value every day.


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