Every Salesforce installation is different, starting from simple, standardized configurations to highly integrated solutions that cooperate with your whole IT landscape. To get the most out of Salesforce, it is crucial to have all business processes and data flows aligned to support your business.

Our team of technical experts can provide you with the expertise you need to operate, support, and improve your solution, and this goes far beyond just Salesforce.

Your benefits:

  • Salesforce certified and highly educated engineers
  • ITIL and ISO certified support processes
  • Up to 24/7 guaranteed service times and SLAs
  • Support out of Central Europe in German and English
  • Single point of contact and dedicated engineers
  • Flexible pricing model (T&M, flat fee, any combination)
  • Continuous improvements and preventive maintenance
  • A huge international network of senior engineers and consultants

Your direct Contacts

Philipp Sturm

Contact - Name:

Philipp Sturm
Senior Manager - Head of Managed Services
Uta Deppe

Contact - Name:

Uta Deppe

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