Significantly reduce your administration costs for securitization transactions 

Companies have begun to rediscover securitization as an additional or alternative channel for financing their business. Asset-Based Financing helps companies to diversify or even establish a completely new refinancing source. At the same time, institutions such as the ESMA or the ECB continue to promote asset securitization as a necessary and important instrument to sustainably turn on the engine of economic growth within Europe. ​

For banks, offering securitization products is not only a good opportunity to access a new revenue channel, it also strengthens the bank-customer relationship because they are able to offer custom-made solutions.​

On the other hand, efforts and requirements for setting up securitization transactions are significant. In addition to complex legal-, structuring- and data-requirements, setting up an automated administration and reporting process often represents a major challenge for the parties involved. It is not unusual that in ABS and ABCP transactions 100,000 assets or more must be monitored and settled on a monthly, weekly or sometimes even on a daily basis. Hence, asset securitization challenges the arranger and administrator of the transaction by emplacing extensive duties on them. Especially, since some tasks – including asset selection and reserve calculation – depend on transaction-specific parameters, which results in the need to administrate each transaction individually.​

In order to tackle these challenges, many banks rely on our Securitization as a Service (SecaaS) solution for their securitization transactions. The users (originators, banks, SPVs) no longer have to deal with the implementation of complex eligibility criteria or reporting requirements. Our solutions act as a reporting and calculation agent within the structured finance market, offering a holistic solution for the administration, settlement, and reporting of asset-backed securities transactions.​

Discover our Securitization Platform

Our solution suite was developed to facilitate and automate the administration and reporting of asset-backed securities transactions to a high degree. The software solution suite is a web-based securitization portal that supports the processing of interest and non-interest-bearing assets such as trade receivables, credit cards or loans and leasing receivables.

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Advantages of the Securitization Platform

  • True automation of the administration process
  • Web based solution, easy to access for seller and buyer via internet browser
  • All common structural features considered
    All common structural features considered
  • Easy set-up

Implementing and operating our Securitization Platform

Depending on your preferences, the solution can be operated in different (outsourcing) scenarios and services. BearingPoint offers to host the Securitization Platform as Software as a Service or in an Operations as a Service scenario. This setup provides additional advantages:​

  • Supervision of the technical system, accomplished by our experts, allowing you to focus on your core business​
  • High availability and security through the use of approved and proven IT and security standards​
  • BearingPoint operates a service hotline as a single point of contact regarding all ABS related issues
  • Full cost transparency

Securitization consulting services

In addition to our proven solutions, BearingPoint offers consulting services for originators, arrangers, and investors:​

  • Building and supporting interfaces for preceding and subsequent systems​
  • Proof of Concepts (Securitization readiness)​
  • Preparation of vintage analysis​
  • Building and supporting customer specific securitization solutions​
  • Project management and PMO in IT and functional projects

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