Why to embark on securitization as a service? ​

Securitization is a powerful funding instrument in many ways – when done right, it saves time and money for the company using it. The complexity of this funding strategy should not be underestimated and the necessities for internal resources and knowhow (for example in IT, FI , or treasury) may collide with other equally important topics within a firm.​

This is the reason why BearingPoint has been consistently developing its securitization services: driven by real challenges and requirements of its clients; tackled and solved in numerous transactions. So why not delegate parts of the process to a partner and service provider who understands how to achieve exceptional results? The advantages of embarking on securitization as a service are substantial. 

We think 4 aspects are particularly worth being mentioned:

Facilitate your transaction through a straight forward process

  • Data management: ensure data availability, quality, and data security​
    Data management: ensure data availability, quality, and data security​
  • Technological edge: participate in state-of-the-art technology
  • Independence:  remain independent and drive the process​
    Independence: remain independent and drive the process​
  • Integration: benefit from existing interfaces and API´s to third parties

Alternative operating models – straight forward, automated and digitized to ensure the optimal result​

As the business of our customers differs significantly, BearingPoint has established different operating models. Each alternative secures the implementation and maintenance of the securitization services in an automated, digitized, secure, efficient and scalable manner: 

Experience our features

Irrespective of your individual approach and operating model, you can always rely on the following services and solutions by BearingPoint.

To help you navigate through the different stages of a securitization transaction, our solution and service portfolio has been designed around core functionalities.

On this basis, our offering comprises further aspects from SAP Adaptors via regulatory reporting and securitization consulting to project management and PMO to enable and facilitate a lean and efficient onboarding and particularly a smooth revolving process after go live.

As a third layer we provide the infrastructure to engage with our clients in a collaborative spirit. The BearingPoint collaboration platform does not only deliver a secure container for the respective data but also offers secure transfer points and automated integration and communication with the SPV or other third parties. 

Save time and money

Our approach is driven by our strengths

Asset Based Funding is important for BearingPoint. Over 20 years of committment to this market, countless successfull executed and serviced transactions as well as longlasting relationships with our clients are the result of our passionate work.

The depth as well as versatility of our securitization services practice have only one goal: making your asset based funding strategy a success.​ Hence, our mission is only done when your transaction is live, all processes are there and the systems are smoothly running. 

Securitization expertise

Profit from track record, knowledge and insights and the alignment on your strategic goals and starting point

Collaborative approach

We believe in strong partnerships with our clients and offer comprehensive understanding of your business and customized solutions

Global reach

Profit from our leading European consulting, worldwide network of financial institutions and strategic partners and access to a broader capital pool

Our strategy is built on our core differentiators

The many possibilities securitization offers from a structural perspective, lead to a certain degree of complexity of this asset based funding technique. The dynamics of its respective markets do contribute their part to its specific challenges. Amongst others regulation, investor preferences as well as new technologies add up to constant change in this ecosystem. A successfull strategy to navigate through such conditions should be built on the ability to adapt swiftly to altering circumstances. Consequently, it is not a single capability that will prevail, rather it is the adaptability of the system that does the trick. BearingPoint‘s strategy is built on our core differentiators which offer our clients a solution system made for tomorrow‘s possibilities:


Expertise in multiple asset classes

Our services and solutions are capable of processing all common asset classes (like leases, loans and trade receivables). The structure to securitize them may vary from ABS, ABCP to collateralized loans or from true sale to Significant Risk Transfer (SRT).​

End-to-end services

From how to receive which data from our clients, processing the data, producing the requested output and reporting to retransferring the relevant data to the client the focus is on the entire process.​

Digital twist

We love digitization where it adds value. Consequently the question, which process steps should and could be digitzed is critical. Approval processes or release and distribution of results are just some of the interesting use cases. ​

Operating models

It is not unusual that within a longterm securitization strategy the opering model changes. The start would typically be an ABCP transaction with Operations as a Service. At a certain point, the ABCP deal could be transferred into a warehouse for ABS-transactions via term take-outs – still with Operations as a Service. As the number of transactions increases, it might become appropriate for a frequent issuer to run the transactions in a application provided format. The same rationale might be applicable where the client intends to run a mastertrust structure. Either way, BearingPoint‘s Securitization as a Service solution will enable you to achieve the desired results.


Our track record is our committment

Building a lonterm reliable and performing partnership by delivering exceptional solutions and services to our clients has always been the underlying philosophy of our committment to this market over the last 20 years + and will continue to be so. The facts and figures below illustrate this and are our obligation to continue helping our clients to shape their future success. 

  • Purchases processed 3300 were reached
  • Banks and corporates 150 automated processes with our solution​
  • Live transactions 150 transactions in revolving production

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