The right equipment and tools management solution for your business encompasses a broad functional scope for various industries in terms of critical assets, equipment, tools, fleet, backup & exchange resources:

Engineering, constructions & operations
Equipment-intensive processes, heavy equipment, utilization, multipart, large-scale projects, long-term projects
Mining & natural resources
Heavy equipment, services, tracking, uptime of critical assets
Oil & gas
Uptime of critical assets, maintenance, safety, compliance, backup & exchange equipment
Critical assets, tools, maintenance, compliance
Transport & logistics
Container, special transport devices, tracking, charge carrier, fleet management
OEM & industrial services
Service tools, maintenance, compliance, overhauling, pay-per-use has been designed to support you, in digitizing equipment-related processes, enabling the usage of mobile devices, incorporating telematics, leveraging billing procedures as well as always complying to safety regulations. covers the end-to-end processes of handling the provisioning, utilization, rental, and life cycle management of all critical assets.

An all-in-one ETM solution:

Increase your productivity

Achieve higher utilization rates of your equipment, decrease your stock & lower your CAPEX.

Incorporate your ecosystem

Build up your own critical resources network and connect your business to rental companies, service providers, and market companions. You have unused equipment available? Rent your unused equipment to externals and be part of a digital ecosystem.

Digitize your processes

Avoid paper-based processes and use mobile app to perform tasks, like scanning, picking, issuing, photo documenting.

Provide cost & revenue transparency

See total cost of equipment at all times. Have an overview about site’s stock and be able to return what is not needed anymore.

Comply to HSE requirements

Be well-prepared for audits on site, document inspections, checks and control your compliance to standards and regulations.


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