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Provisioning, utilization, rental and life cycle management for equipment, tools, multi-part equipment, building materials, consumables, operating personnel & all other critical assets


Equipment-intensive industries, e. g. construction, utilities, industrial services, mining or oil & gas, must have a digital equipment management solution in place to use their fleet efficiently while maximizing productivity. New technologies and improved practices create the need for an up-to-date solution covering the respective end-to-end processes.


Following the intelligent enterprise model is an easy-to-integrate side-by-side extension to SAP ERP, S/4HANA or any other interface used by your business. showcases an industry cloud application addressing all those needs related to planning, purchase, maintenance, verification and settlement of your critical assets by incorporating real business cases. can be operated either on SAP Business Technology Platform, offered as SaaS or usable stand-alone while integrable into other ERP solutions. mobile and desktop app


Outcome supports our clients with increasing productivity on-site and higher utilization of their equipment fleet by digitizing equipment-related processes, enabling the usage of mobile devices, incorporating telematics, leveraging billing procedures as well as always complying to safety regulations. covers the end-to-end processes of handling the provisioning, utilization, rental and life cycle management of all critical assets.

Serving your industry-specific purposes

The end-to-end processes of tackle specific challenges across various industries, e.g. Engineering, Construction & Operations, Utilities, Industrial Services, OEM, Mining & Natural Resources, Logistics & Transportation, Oil & Gas, Medial Devices and many more

Increasing your fleet utilization helps your business utilize the critical assets to the best extent and thus reduce OPEX by avoiding idle times as well as reduce CAPEX by maximizing the utilization of what you already have and thus reduce overall fleet investment

    Covering your entire stock          manages heavy and small equipment, tools, multi-parts, consumables, vehicles, operating personnel as well as any other movable asset being a value driver along your business processes with industry-specific focus on utilization, uptime, services and compliance

           Saving your time                       

By digitizing processes - supported with functionalities like automated planning - increases the speed along your end-to-end processes to grant your experts the time to focus even more on special topics and business decision making based on actual and relevant data


Estimated time savings by digitizing paper-based equipment processes


Increase in onsite productivity possible through harmonized process flows


Higher utilization possible by comprehensive planning and sourcing      cloud based solution


Discover BearingPoint’s state-of-the-art solution and seamlessly integrate it into your SAP landscape.

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