ETM – that stands for equipment and tools management – has been a part of the SAP portfolio for quite some time. BearingPoint has now harnessed the power of SAP’s Industry Cloud to take ETM to new heights. is aptly named. This is a next-generation approach to ETM, one that includes a collaboration platform, comprehensive planning and compliance functionality, a picture-guided web shop, native-mobile apps for iOS and Android, open interfaces with the proprietary ETM platforms of major OEMs, and an ability to push data to SAP Analytics Cloud, among other features.  

The solution streamlines end-to-end processes for asset lifecycle management as well as internal and external rentals while integrating seamlessly with the SAP Business Technology Platform. Companies in the construction, industrial-service, oil-and-gas, mining, utilities, natural-resources, logistics, and transportation industries can use it to smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively manage machines, equipment, tools, consumables, personnel and other resources. helps you to get the right piece of equipment to the right spot at the right time and at the best possible cost available, while avoiding idle time.

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