SAP's Industry Cloud solutions add significant value by bringing industry-specific solutions to their customers, reducing redundancy, and refocusing on high-value work.

The Oil, Gas, and Energy sector are constantly changing in response to consumer demand, ever-changing government policies, the risk of continued volatility in the price of crude, and the impact of traditional industry lines being blurred. In such circumstances, SAP remains committed to delivering meaningful innovations across the entire energy value chain and is ready to assist the industry as new revenue streams are considered.

Their Industry Cloud portfolio comprises 11 partner-developed solutions and 15 SAP-developed solutions to leverage this industry including for fleet, equipment, and tools management. And is a co-innovate solution for utilization, rental, and life cycle management during construction and maintenance.

Read the Article by Mahdi Eydgahi for an overview of Industry Cloud efforts for the Oil, Gas, and Energy business unit at SAP.

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