Bundle Management - a feature that simplifies the management of specialized equipment packages. This innovation was developed in collaboration with one of ETM.next's customers, who uses sea containers as mobile intervention units, managing them as bundles. 

Understanding Bundle Management 

Imagine having a versatile toolbox or mobile repair shop that you can customize to meet your specific needs - that's the essence of ETM.next's Bundle Management. Bundles are a unique category of resource unit that serves as a flexible container for various resources. This feature empowers users to define and configure bundles as per their requirements, simplifying the management of resources. 

Key Features of Bundle Management you can benefit from

  • Bundle Definition: Bundle creation takes place in the desktop application, where users can specify the type and quantity of resources required. This ensures that the bundle is tailored to the task at hand. 
  • Mobile App Replenishment: Once a bundle is defined, the replenishment process kicks off. Employees in the warehouse, using the ETM.next mobile app, store the necessary resources into the bundle, ensuring it's always fully stocked. 
  • Completeness Inspection: When a bundle is returned, and completeness inspection is automatically created and can be executed with the ETM.next's mobile app. Any missing, broken or used items are noted, and replacements are initiated if needed, ensuring that only full bundles users handed over to customers. 
  • Resource Replacement: If any resource within the bundle is not compliant or damaged, the system handles the replacement process seamlessly, maintaining the bundle's readiness for future use. 
  • Flexibility: The ability to configure bundles as needed enables a more agile response to changing project requirements. 
  • Easy Creation and Upload: Bundles can be created manually, but also uploaded via csv. File in couple of seconds.  

The use of Bundle Management simplifies creating, replenishing, and inspecting equipment bundles, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity. Thereby, ETM.next ensures only fully stocked bundles are available for rent, minimizing risk of shipment of half-full bundles. Moreover, the completeness check enhances compliance and accountability, reducing the risk renting non-compliant or damaged resources. 

The following blog will explain the life-cycle of a bundle. 

Life-Cycle of a Bundle  

  1. Definition: In this step, we specify the components and their minimum quantities, defining what makes up the bundle. A bundle can comprise a mix of equipment, tools, multi-equipment, and materials. 
  2. Initial Replenishment: During replenishment, warehouse employees store the defined resources in the bundle. The ETM.next mobile app, with scanning capabilities, streamlines this process, reducing the time required to prepare a bundle for the next rental. 
  3. Rental: The rental process for a bundle remains unchanged (standard). 
  4. Completeness Check upon Return: When a bundle is returned, an automatic completeness check can be generated. Once again, the ETM.next mobile app aids in checking each component. For equipment, tools, and multi-quantity items, the current quantity and condition are verified, with the option to remove items for reasons like cleaning or compliance checks. Materials have their current/remaining quantity recorded. 
  5. Replenishment: Following the completeness check, you can initiate the replenishment process. All items are replenished as defined in the first step, bringing them up to the minimum quantity.

Bundle feature empowers users to create, maintain, and rent specialized equipment bundles with ease, ensuring they always have the right tools for the job. With its changeable content definition, return inspection, and replacement capabilities, ETM.next's Bundle Management guarantees efficiency, accountability, and customer satisfaction.  

Our video will guide you through the process of Bundle Management in ETM.next. For any open questions or a free consultation please contact our team of experts.

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Life-Cycle of a Bundle Management

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