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Significantly reduce your Administration Costs for Securitization Transactions by automating the most critical and time-consuming Processes.

Companies have begun to rediscover securitization as an additional and/or alternative channel for financing their business. Asset based financing helps companies to diversify or even establish a completely new refinancing source. At the same time, institutions such as the ESMA or the ECB continue to promote asset securitization as a necessary and important instrument to sustainably turn on the engine of economic growth within Europe.

For banks, offering securitization products is not only a good opportunity to access a new revenue channel; it also strengthens the bank-customer relationship because they are able to offer custom-made solutions.

On the other hand, efforts and requirements for setting up securitization transactions are significant. In addition to complex legal-, structuring- and data-requirements, setting up an automated administration and reporting process often represents a major challenge for the parties involved. It is not unusual that in an ABCP transaction 100,000 receivables or more have to be monitored and settled on a monthly, weekly or sometimes even on a daily basis. Hence, asset securitization challenges the arranger and administrator of the transaction by emplacing extensive duties on them. Especially, since some tasks – including asset selection and reserve calculation – depend on transaction-specific parameters, which results in the need to administrate each transaction individually.

In order to tackle these challenges, many banks rely on our ABS+ solution for their securitization transactions. The user (originators, banks, SPVs) no longer have to deal with the implementation of complex eligibility criteria or reporting requirements. Our Solution acts as a reporting and calculation agent within the structured finance market, offering a holistic solution for the administration, settlement, and reporting of asset-backed securities (ABS) transactions.

ABS+ automates essential Parts of the Operational Value Chain from Pool Selection to Reporting.

  • Download our ABS+ Fact Sheet here
    Download our ABS+ Fact Sheet here 59.3 KB Download

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