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Enable an efficient Securitization Administration Process through an Agile Platform

Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) are an attractive refinancing product for corporates and financial institutions, and the number of total transactions increases constantly over time. But with the growing number of transactions, a lean administration and reporting process becomes crucial to stay on top of the figures and reports provided to the market. Furthermore, new regulatory requirements and standardized IT processes will put an end to the existing Excel reporting as you know it today.

With our application ABS+ you can significantly reduce administration costs for securitization transactions by automating the most critical and time-consuming processes.

Focus on what you can do best: Structure and Securitize Transactions!

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Benefits and Features:

  • True automation of the administration process
  • Easy-to-access and web-based solution
  • Easy set-up, no-code and no-installation required
  • Simple parametrization of eligibility criteria
  • Interfaces to various credit insurers available
  • New receivables consider the eligibility RPA criteria
  • Static or dynamic reserve calculations
  • Comprehensive and expandable reporting capabilities


ABS+ offers an agile, modular platform to enable flexible adaptations for complex transactions. Through continuous cooperation, we are able to adapt the solution over the whole lifecycle to evolving needs of the market.

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ABS+ Key Facts

  • More than 280 Selling Entities live
  • By the End of 2021 almost 4 in Receivables
  • In 2021 28 new Receivables sold
We enable an efficient Securitization Process through Automation

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