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What it does

BearingPoint’s Logistics Emission Calculator (LogEC) for Facilities is our certified environmental reporting solution for assessing and analyzing your energy, water, and waste footprint. It uses embedded conversion values from leading standards to calculate greenhouse gases and other air pollutants. The solution is powered by SAP’s Cloud Platform (SCP) for performance and security as well as global access. LogEC for Facilities also enables flexible integration options from manual data input to automated interfaces and ERP systems.

You cannot assess the efficiency of sustainability initiatives without accurate measurements of your environmental footprint. To solve this problem, BearingPoint developed LogEC for Facilities, and it offers the following benefits:


  • LogEC for Facilities provides not only thorough emissions calculations for energy consumption but also enables your company to track consumption of related areas such as waste, water, and refrigerants. Users are guided by data validity checks when entering their periodic data.
  • To make it easier to input data at multiple sites or globally, LogEC for Facilities offers both imperial and metric units of measurements. The solution can make automatic unit conversions, which eases global benchmarking and reporting for international companies.

How it works

Here is a selection of a few features of LogEC for Facilities:


  • Guided and harmonized data gathering on one platform
  • Solution in line with industry reporting standards
  • User-friendly due to embedded consistency and data quality checks
  • User specific views/access rights: local data entry vs. central data control
  • Extensive analytics section with multi-site selection for benchmarking and detection of inefficiencies

In addition to the above-mentioned features, LogEC for Facilities provides:


  • Holistic environmental footprint: Assess all types of consumed/produced energies and refrigerants, fresh and recycled water and waste by various subfractions
  • Multi-site data gathering: Gather global environmental data from all your sites with simple and user-friendly periodic data inputs from your facility managers
  • Allocation: Allocate your data entries for energy, water, and waste to outgoing cargo in tons, cubic meters, pallets or on product level to support product carbon footprints
  • Green Analytics: Analyze and set benchmarks for facilities with respect to their environmental footprint by using customizable dashboards
  • Compliance: Conversion factors provided by leading industry standards are maintained as a service

Areas of application:

Our emission calculator is suited for various types of facilities, from warehouses to manufacturing sites. In conjunction with LogEC for Transportation, you can reflect your entire logistics and use data for life cycle assessments and product carbon footprints.


LogEC supports companies in defining sustainable processes by allowing them to calculate and analyze the effects of each transaction (down to individual shipments or parcels, pallets, etc.), and therefore to understand and identify the optimization potential. In addition, the effect of the implemented actions can be tracked by LogEC. Due to the integration of the default data from leading standards/service providers, the tool is also useful in modeling subcontractors’ and shippers’ operations and emissions – an innovation on the market. In addition, LogEC easily interfaces to SAP for the import and export of relevant data.

Use cases

LogEC for facilities

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