Make your Salesforce Admin Life easier with our Dashboard to visualize Limits and save valuable Time

Normally, retrieving your Salesforce org limits from different places, reports, and logs can consume a lot of time. Out of the box, there is no place to conveniently view these limits in a consolidated way, and you might overlook the potential bottlenecks. Imagine a place showing all the organization's limits like those for APIs, workflows, licenses, and many more.

Try our BearingPoint's Limits Monitor! It is an easy-to-use Salesforce Lightning App. You can visualize and monitor your org limits on a single-screen dashboard.  Furthermore, you can create your own limits, send customized alert messages to notify admins, and set global thresholds to drive growth.

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Benefits & Features

  • Work more efficiently and save valuable Time
  • View all Org Limits in a single Screen Dashboard
  • Watchlist for selected Limits
  • Lightning Web Component for displaying Limits to selected Users
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