All-in-One Solution for OEMs

BearingPoint Lease & Rent for OEMs is the intuitive, easy-to-use solution that will help you manage your equipment and lessees with ease. We provide a single integrated platform to track all your leasing contracts and manage all your relevant logistics and finance processes. Elaborate, time or performance-based pricing is available. Changes to equipment during the lease, which are common for many kinds of yellow equipment, reflect seamlessly in asset and financial accounting.

BearingPoint Lease & Rent is designed with your needs and challenges always in mind, so you can focus on your core business activities without worrying about all details that come with leasing.



Comprehensive Contract and Event Management

Manage your leasing and rental contracts, their pricing, and all events that occur during the contract life cycle and that may have an impact on the contract parameters, in one central place. Handle follow-up steps of events (such as repairs or customer-specific modifications of equipment during the rental period). Monitor contract statuses and health effectively.


Equipment Management and Maintenance & Service Integration

Manage your equipment and vehicles and your rental and leasing contracts. Keep track of any relevant changes during the contract life cycle and integrate seamlessly with maintenance activities during or outside a rental cycle. If in use, SAP PM can be integrated on the equipment and order level as well.


Flexible Pricing and Billing Models

Following the increasingly flexible demands of the market, BearingPoint Lease & Rent offers time and performance-based pricing and billing, based on any set of dimensions. Equipment as a Service (EaaS) has never been easier to offer to your clients. 


Forward-thinking Innovation Partnership with SAP

BearingPoint Lease & Rent is an innovation that is driven together with SAP. With the evolution of SAP’s offerings in the Automotive Industry Cloud, our solution will evolve as well.


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