We now support several different IoT Interfaces

We are always looking for ways to optimize your operational efficiency. This is why we are continuously adding new features to our ETM.next solution.

The most recent additions are IoT connections to various OEM platforms, e.g. from Volvo, Liebherr or Wirtgen-Vögle. With these new interfaces, we can consume data from already established telematics solutions to use them e.g. for performance-based billing or advanced analytics.

In addition, another new IoT interface has been integrated recently. It is the telematic platform of our partner geoCapture. They can help to revamp your non-integrated equipment with a set of dedicated hardware devices as well as provide the necessary platform to capture the data and distribute it across your IT landscape.

Not sure which telematic solutions you can make use of? Looking for connectivity to other OEM platforms? Feel free to contact us. We can assist with whatever task may be necessary! We are happy to support you in evaluating how you can leverage your telematics potential.

We are working hard in the background to offer you even more connections to other IoT platforms from additional OEM’s soon out of the box. So stay tuned!

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