Effective planning is at the heart of every company that manages a fleet of vehicles, equipment, tools, and multi-equipment. Without the right tools and processes in place, projects can encounter delays, exceed budgets, and suffer from inefficient resource allocation. In this blog post, we'll explore how ETM.next empowers planning and disposition departments with indispensable features to streamline their operations and enhance resource utilization.

Streamlined Request Handling

Imagine a construction project manager needs a specialized piece of equipment, such as a 20-ton crawler excavator with a clamshell basket, to complete a crucial task. She initiates a request through ETM.next's user-friendly webshop, and the request swiftly lands in the hands of the planning and disposition department. ETM.next's integrated system ensures that the planning department receives instant in-app notifications (or optionally an email), allowing them to start the planning process without delay. This seamless request handling minimizes communication gaps and accelerates response times.

3 Indispensable Features within the Planning Board

To efficiently plan the requested resource, the planner leverages ETM.next's powerful Planning Board. The board provides a comprehensive view of the request details alongside the current resource planning situation for 20-ton crawler excavators. Here are the three indispensable features:

➡️ One-Click Filter: Show Available: With the "show available" filter, the planning board displays resources that are available for the requested timeframe.

➡️ Enhanced Resource Information: Resource-specific information, such as equipment utilization over the last 7 and 14 days, the real-time location of each resource, and real-time status, can be displayed.

➡️ Filtering by Tags: Last but not least, users can filter by tags assigned to individual resources. For example, in our case, a user can easily identify an excavator that supports an additional request for a clamshell basket.

Smart Resource Allocation

With ETM.next, planners can make data-driven decisions. They can easily identify the most underutilized equipment within the last 7 days, all while considering the proximity of available resources to the project's location. This intelligent resource allocation ensures that the internal fleet operates at maximum efficiency, reducing the need for last-minute external rentals and optimizing resource delivery timelines.


In conclusion, effective planning and disposition are pivotal to project success, and ETM.next equips professionals with the tools they need to excel in this critical area. To learn more about how ETM.next can transform your planning processes and elevate resource management, Contact us today. Have a look at our video to get more information on the planning board features of ETM.next.

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Efficient Planning with ETM.next

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