Data Quality Navigator employs sophisticated algorithms, AI, and machine learning methodologies to analyze, simulate and optimize your business processes.

Turn your data into information you can act on

Data Quality Navigator's advanced analytics toolkit generates insights on your processes to eliminate friction.

How Analytics helps your team: 

  • Data-driven decision making 

  • Deeper insights from your data 

  • Advanced Analytics​


    Create transparency about process performance


    Data Quality Navigator's advanced analytics algorithms unlock the full potential of your data to derive process insights and performance metrics.


    • State-of-the-art analytics algorithms State-of-the-art analytics algorithms
    • Full transparency Full transparency
    • Make informed decisions Make informed decisions
  • Anomaly Detection​ & Pattern Recognition

    Understand the root cause behind inefficiencies and failures

    Data Quality Navigator's state-of-the-art algorithms detect anomalies, reveal patterns and explain relationships.


    • Enhanced process understanding Enhanced process understanding
    • Synchronized processes Synchronized processes
    • Initiate targeted countermeasures Initiate targeted countermeasures
  • Forecasting​

    Predict demands and risks to enable long-term planning

    Data Quality Navigator selects the most reliable predictive algorithm to forecast your demands, resource utilization, and disruption probabilities based on all relevant input factors.


    • Plans you can stick to Plans you can stick to
    • Proactive mitigation of risks Proactive mitigation of risks
    • Increased service levels Increased service levels

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Link cause and effect to enable informed decisions and optimize performance

Data Quality Navigator's cutting-edge simulation and optimization engines generate insights into complex systems, enabling to (re-)act informed.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Uncover potentials in complex systems

  • Profit from simulations based on reliable data

Business process simulation​

Leverage the power of digital twins to identify the drivers behind your future process performance


Data Quality Navigator's powerful simulation engine quantifies the impact of input factors and risks in complex logistics processes.


Integration with standard ERP systems (e.g. SAP)

Identify risks in complex systems

Data-driven process understanding

What-if-analysis​ / simulation

Understand the consequences of your decision before you act


Data Quality Navigator allows users to evaluate and compare alternative planning scenarios in real-time.


Understand the impact of decisions

Uncover potentials in complex systems

Act effectively in real time 


Eliminate Friction Through Optimized Process Parameters


Data Quality Navigator's AI-based optimization engine derives targeted recommendations based on the current planning environment and your strategic objectives.


Resolution of planning trade-offs

Focus on high-potential levers

Realization of potentials while minimizing risks

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