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What it does

'Safe' is BearingPoint’s solution for your business response to COVID-19. Fully integrated into your Microsoft landscape with SSO, its features aid your stakeholders as you reopen and return to the office, from human resources and the executive management team to risk and safety management and operational management. With features such as compliance checks, alerts, questions, seat booking and role-based access, 'Safe' covers all your business and legal needs for safely returning to the office.

'Safe' helps your business define, communicate, and monitor its health protocol, and you can customize it to your business situation. Safe’s fast and easy setup allows you to reach quickly every employee in this dynamic time.

What makes us different 

  • Easy integration in your Microsoft landscape with SSO
  • Pre-defined compliance checks for employees and location
  • Alerts and questions management
  • Seat booking
  • Real time dashboard visualization
  • Data reporting
  • Email Notifications
  • Role-based functionalities
  • GDPR compliance
  • Safety and security instructions
  • SharePoint data management 

Where can you use it


  • Employees SSO
  • Business locations & score card
  • Employees Covid-19 health situation
  • Safety instructions addressing: health guidelines, physical layout, health supply management, reporting requirements
  • Covid-19 and business reopening FAQ

Welcome to Safe


  • Employees daily health checklist covering: check-in & check-out time, protection, health protocols, health situations
  • Location daily health checklist covering: opening & closing time, sanitary supplies inventory, sanitary supplies and information display, distancing markers, reopening hotline communication details

Compliance checklist


  • Record the checklists (employees & location)
  • Allow attachments (e.g., pictures to demonstrate compliance or show an incident)
  • Seat booking for all employees
  • Document the completion of remediation actions
  • GDPR data protection features for personal data

Seat booking

Report and alert for actions

  • Health alert channel (for employees) with ticketing functionalities
  • Questions on the business reopening protocols with ticketing functionalities
  • Reporting & dashboard on: location status, employee status, incidents, sanitary supplies stocks

Alerts and questions management

Reporting & dashboard can run on various parameters (e.g., geographies, brands, operational/business units)

  • Communication of remediation actions for locations
  • Email notifications to employees and admins for each action created and executed
  • Data export

Reporting dashboard


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