Stay ahead of the attackers and know your vulnerabilities

Penetration tests or Pentests uncover your organisation‘s vulnerabilities through targeted attacks against the technologies that power your daily business. We simulate a real attack by a capable threat actor, gather detailed information and utilise the latest and most powerful tools available to offensive security professionals.

  • Standardised procedure model
    Standardised procedure model
  • Detailed technical vulnerability reporting and recommendations​
    Detailed technical vulnerability reporting and recommendations​
  • Custom exploit development
    Custom exploit development
  • Individual and personal debriefing
    Individual and personal debriefing

Our pentest approach

Our systematic approach ensures efficient and thorough execution – for every inspection​.

Our framework

Our difference

We strive to deliver more, provide exceptional quality and be a trusted partner.

Our service includes

☑️ (Automated) Vulnerability Scanning

☑️ Vulnerability reporting

☑️ Custom vulnerability rating

☑️ Remediation guide for known vulnerabilities​

☑️ Client-specific recommendations on resolution​

☑️ Standardized procedure model​

☑️ Secured flight recording​

☑️ Individual debriefing with security engineers

☑️ Post-execution cleanup

☑️ Custom exploit development

☑️ Proof of exploitation (screenshots, videos)

☑️ Detailed technical report

☑️ Executive summary / Management report

Possible Add-Ons

☑️ FOSS (Free & Open Source) Scanning
☑️ Custom security awareness campaigns
☑️ Cloud security compliance assessment
☑️ Code security reviews
☑️ OWAS ASVS testing

☑️ Resolution support for identified vulnerabilities​

Our results​

Whether pentesting results are useful also depends on the quality of the reporting​. Download our sample report now.

  • Sample report of a pentest
    Sample report of a pentest 5.92 MB Download

It always starts with a conversation

Let‘s talk about how we can improve your security posture – today!​