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The Assets & Funding Management solution is a comprehensive and fully integrated asset-based funding solution. It provides real-time, automated support for the securitization of leases, loans, trade receivables and is open for any other asset class and streamlines the processing of different asset-based funding transactions types. The solution is available as Software as a Service on SAP Business Technology Platform managed by BearingPoint.

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Proven solution built on market expertise

  • Support of multiple asset classes like leases, loans, trade receivables, equipments or even tokens
  • Processing of different funding types as listed below or any customer specific variants or requirements
  • Central asset warehouse to structure your available asset ​portfolios and identify funding capabilities
  • Automatization, monitoring and reporting capabilities for efficient processing
  • Easy to use by end user to allocate eligible assets flexible to funding transactions
  • Integrated with SAP Treasury and Risk Management
  • Seamless integration into your IT landscape​ on well defined standard interfaces
  • Pool optimization based on concentration limits defined on pool keyfigures by end users

Explore our Assets & Funding Manangement solution

For any asset class, our Assets & Funding Management solution provides highly sophisticated functionality for structuring pools of assets, as well as reports that you can generate on a periodic or ad hoc basis. Examples include investors, payments, rating agencies, and prudential or regulatory reports. You can enhance these reports to meet specific customer requirements and tailor them to different stakeholders’ needs.

All assets managed in one asset warehouse

Assets & Funding Management is a one-stop, real-time solution that streamlines structured financing processes and eliminates the need to rely on multiple systems. All of your assets are managed in one central so called asset warehouse to have an overview on funding capabilities and funding gaps. The central asset warehouse helps ensure data integrity and transparency and supports in the asset (collateral) allocation management to funding transactions. You can structure transactions without external assistance and archive transaction data that can be read at any time. In addition, you can interface the solution to both SAP and non-SAP software systems. Designed for multiuser environments, Assets & Funding Management​ can be enhanced to meet unique funding requirements. Fully compliant with both internal and external audits, the solution is driven by automated processing with little need for manual intervention and built-in scalability supports continued growth and optimization of data and transactions.

Gain full visibility into all funding programs

With Asset & Funding Management, you gain full visibility into all funding programs and their associated transactions. The software triggers alerts based on user-defined key figures that define pass/fail criteria. A monitoring cockpit lets you react to and correct relevant transactions. In some cases, the software itself can react automatically – for example, buying back assets from the pool that are noncompliant or that fail to meet certain user-defined criteria concerning borrower creditworthiness or regional diversification. The reporting engine within the software supports a wide variety of in-depth reports to address the needs of all stakeholders.

Pool optimization  ​

The pool optimizing is an automatic portfolio optimization on concentration limits based on calculated key figures. Various optimization strategies are availble or customer specific algorithms can be included.​

Transaction processing​

The transaction processing allows an automatic or manual processing of defined funding steps according to the transaction type and the settings and conditions sored in the transaction calendar.

Monitoring ​

Our solution offers a strong monitoring functionality on user defined trigger and business events.

The solution automatically monitors the transaction according the defined triggers and will give alerts.

As a key offering within the BearingPoint solution portfolio, Assets & Funding Management is backed by a highly experienced team of developers, as well as technical and business consultants. A support hotline provides immediate assistance with any queries. At BearingPoint, we have a deep and extensive knowledge of the asset-based funding market and are able to advise you from initial concepts to going live. We offer a strong, solution-led approach and are ready to assist and support you.

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