Schedule your 45min Demo encompasses a broad functional scope for various industries in terms of critical assets, equipment, tools, fleet, backup & exchange resources covers the end-to-end process for fleet and rental use cases providing comprehensive digital solutions for requesting, planning, dispatching and billing as well as full life cycle management for critical assets, our new, advanced SAP Cloud-based solution supports the following:

Resource planning and scheduling

Our planning board makes it easy to handle, plan, and dispose of individual, pool and group resources.

Yard management
See at a glance what resources are available, which ones are rented, and you can also see the equipment’s utilization over time. We support yard managers with capacity management, inventory management, and utilization reporting functionalities.

Rental contract management offers proposal support and both catalog-based and individual pricing. Costs can be separated and allocated to various recipients, both internally and externally, and contracts can be site- or project-based. Our solution also covers venture projects.

Asset management (equipment & tools)
We cover maintenance management functionalities as well as revenue and cost reporting (yard-based, individual resource-based). We ensure the financial integration into your SAP landscape.

Track & trace/logistics supports both delivery and return processes. Track and trace your assets by using multiple technologies like Barcode, NFC, RFID, BLE, GPS. Site-to-site transports are also covered, and continuous handover documentation guarantees you know your assets’ whereabouts.


Billing can be time-based, performance-based, or both, and we support various pricing models and usage types. Billing simulations help you avoid corrections, but billing adjustments are easy to arrange if necessary.

Site Management
Receive a resource overview of your site, see what resources you have planned to arrive or sent back to the yard. Simulate your billing and have full cost control for your rentals.

Controlling offers controlling functionalities based on single-items, projects/sites, and business partners. See your ROI per asset with just a few clicks.

Safety & compliance
Handle your equipment and tools compliance management with SAC (Safety & Compliance Add-on). Plan and perform checks and document them, and integrate both your site and yard activities into your SAP PM.



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