Schedule your 45min Demo by BearingPoint is your new solution for equipment and tools management. Fully integrated into your SAP landscape or usable stand-alone while integrable into other ERP solutions, it enhances your ETM experience with functionalities such as planning board, mobile app, and reservation cockpit. It also covers maintenance and safety. - Features & Functionalities


What sets apart from current SAP ETM:

  • Master Data – Enhanced flexibility: equipment, tools, vehicles and other movable assets, consumables, operating personnal and other resources can be handled
  • Planning – Comprehensive functionality (request, reservation, PM orders, Inspections) as well as usage of FIORI apps for user-friendliness and planning for grouped resources
  • Commercial Setup – New business object “contract” established to collect all relevant commercial data
  • Billing – Different scheduling possible for individual contracts, billing simulations and invoice approval
  • Pricing – Additional services can be handled (e.g., cleaning, environmental charges), repurchase option after rental
  • Mobile App for Field integration
  • Web Shop for easy and picture-guided requesting showing all company’s stock at a glance
  • Deep Integration into ERP – Beside SD orders, allows cost reallocations as well as different cost receivers, it can trigger purchase requisitions and exchange counter values for billing and/or maintenance
  • Delivery options – Handovers document every single step of the rental process on both yard and project site
  • IoT Integration – Integration into Leonardo or via API’s to receive telematic data (AEMP 2.0)
  • Compliance – Handling of compliance requirements for equipment and tools, thus prioritizing safety aspects

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