The SAP Sustainability Footprint Management is not only a Reporting Software – It also comes with Services to help you along the way! 

Check out our Approach

Step #1
Baseline Calculation 

We support you along the way, from determining your relevant scope, setting up the system, analyzing the data, and handling missing data to validate the results. We take care of updating emissions factors and new regulatory requirements. 
Step #2
Your Roadmap to Emissions Reductions 
Knowing where you are, does not tell you where to go. Based on our experience, our solution allows you to simulate savings from new sourcing strategies, mode shifts, new technologies, new fuel types, and more. You also benefit from several hundred proven reduction measures, including necessary steps such as financial investments. 
Step #3
Realizing your Targets 
Not all emissions can be fully eliminated, to become truly carbon-neutral, offsetting is still a way to go. Within our SAP Sustainability Footprint Management, you will find an embedded CO2 offsetting costs/CO2 tax module that helps you assess the costs from CO2. Also, we have partners that deliver trusted certified or dedicated offsetting projects.

With our cloud-based solution, you can easily calculate your product and corporate carbon footprint. Assess your carbon footprint for material acquisition, freight transportation, manufacturing sites, warehouses, use and end-of-life. You can even calculate emissions from stores, offices, commuting and business travel.

Check out our Modules and their Functionalities:

Emissions Control Center

Receive important insights about all your corporate and product emissions at a glance. Our Emissions Control Center offers you a real-time overview. The dashboards are fully customizable to your needs.

Material Aquisition

Assess emissions for purchased goods with generic or supplier-specific raw material emissions factors - even down to single material numbers.

Freight Transportation - Content

All modes of transportation and types of vehicles can be added and mirrored in our solution. Databases for each mode of transport, including average emission factors compliant with all industry standards, are directly embedded in the application. Processing of track & trace/ on-board unit data is also possible and allows you to report on other air pollutants, as well.

Freight Transportation - Center of Gravity for Emissions

The SAP Sustainability Footprint Management solution helps you understand all your transportation flows and assists you in identifying your hidden CO2 hot spots. Depending on the underlying database, you can model direct routes or routes with multiple legs and stops.

Freight Transportation – Impact of alternative Fuels

Assess not only your greenhouse gas emissions related but also other air pollutants based on your transportation data.

Facilities Module

With our facilities module, you can assess emissions related to the energy consumption across all of your locations – from manufacturing sites to even single stores. Besides displaying the emissions of various energy sources (such as electricity, gas, biogas, fuel), you can easily include other complementary dimensions like costs, water, or waste.

Product Carbon Footprint Module

Our application provides detailed insights right down to the product level. Receive a comprehensive assessment of emissions across the entire life cycle of your product in absolute and relative numbers like CO2 per kg output.

Passenger Transportation Module

With the passenger transportation module, you can assess emissions from business travels and commuting of employees.

Corporate Carbon Footprint Module

The Corporate Carbon Footprint module merges the emissions from all areas and activities to create a detailed overview of the entire carbon footprint of your business. With these insights, you can identify your carbon hotspots.

Data Upload and Data Validation

Adding new data to the SAP Sustainability Footprint Management is a breeze, thanks to the upload functionalities across all modules within the application: You can upload data templates, easily map your headers to the correct headers in the application as well as save the settings for future use. The backbone of our automated data processing are sophisticated data validation engines.

Keep an Eye on your Targets

The built-in dashboard allow you to track your targets on corporate and product level.

Are you wondering how to use the software for your purposes? We have two dedicated business models, that provide you both flexibility and control over your date – depending on your needs! 

CO2 as a Service 

CO2 as a Service is our all-inclusive package for you. Your main responsibility is to provide us the relevant data from your systems and sources. We take care of the rest and provide you regularly with your Carbon Emission reports using our solution in the background for your needs. This approach is often chosen by companies with limited inhouse capabilities and capacities.  

Software as a Service 

You will fully manage our ready to use cloud-based carbon accounting tool. Working directly with the software on your own gives you full control over your carbon emissions – 24/7. We secure continuous updates of emissions factors, hotline, and ticket service​s. Building key users at your company is required to handle the SAP Sustainability Footprint Management on your own. 

Let us explore together how the SAP Sustainability Footprint Management can help you. 

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