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  • Customer and product hierarchy


    • Customer and product hierarchy establish a common language across your entire organization
    • Customer hierarchy developed with our solution offers you a tree visualization of customers that belong to the same parent. The hierarchy levels are customizable per your organization needs
    • Product hierarchy is a method designed to drill down to the core need and key features of products
    • BearingPoint can tailor your hierarchy to reflect your key categories and major attributes so that your company can find practical ways of classifying and categorizing your products or grouping your customers
    • Your organization can visualize the relationship between the different hierarchy levels with automated pre-selection based on what was selected on higher levels with our solution
    • The customer and product hierarchy structure can be kept flexible and can adapt to change at any time
  • Trade promotion management


    • BearingPoint can assist you in managing complex trade promotion activities, offering customized implementation for the entire promotion lifecycle and enabling the user to see where the trade spend goes
    • Promotion creation: can be created directly or be derived from an existing upload template, customizable per your business needs
    • Promotion maintenance: can be copied, mass changed, and mass copied with changes in all plannable fields, and visualized in specific promotions calendar per types and periods
    • Promotion integration: can capture interdependencies between different types of promotions and can highlight overlap conflicts
    • Promotion execution: can release to ERP conditions initially planned
    • Promotion steering: can integrate calculations, KPIs, P&L report
    • The solution is using SAP versioned technologies, fully integrated with master data, pricing, reporting and ERP system
  • Claims and deduction management


    • Claims and deduction management is a complex process consisting of creating, validating and settling claims. It requires a systematic method for the creation and calculation of accruals. You will discover flexible and automated accruals and settlement-related activitieswith our solution, translating into accurate reconciliation of claims and deductions.
    • End customer steering and the organization’s internal steering of different claim types such as invoice claim, pre-payment, deduction claims or scheduled claims are incorporated in the solution and can be tailored to meet your organization-specific needs.
    • Automatic processing of accruals, automated claims settlements, invoice reconciliation, credit note creation, dispute case processing are facilities used within BearingPoint solution for Trade Revenue management.
  • Reporting Framework


    • BearingPoint solution for reporting framework is highly flexible and user friendly, providing all reports in one place. It consists of a standardized UI layout which allows users to quickly access and customize different reports
    • The user can select between data sources, filter criteria, key figures, dimensions and build operational reports per need
    • Selected report criteria can be saved under variants and accessed again in the future
    • Variants management functionality allows users to define and save specific views and personalized reports based on individual preferences for filtering criteria, selection of key figures and dimensions, view type and layouts
    • With the framework provided by BearingPoint, reports can be displayed in graphical view, time agreggated or data table view. The latest can be be exported to Excel


  • In-app analytics component


    • BearingPoint's reporting framework is your new Power BI tool. Custom-made, it provides in-depth analysis for any reporting purposes.
    • The layout is yours to choose data table, bar chart, pie charts, trends, comparisons and so on. Export options?  We offer PDF, Microsoft Excel, CSV and other formats to meet all your needs.


    • We also offer the flexibility to save and share custom reports with a team and other colleagues (via authorizations) considering, of course, data privacy regulations. For easy access to your most-used reports, you can always choose to add them to favorites. 
    • Customized cards/dashboards may be the best visual solution for tracking of highly important KPIs (and not only) and highly customized reporting based on your specific needs
    • It can be adapted even if you decide to extend your solution, as it follows the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model which comes with standard extension concepts
    • In summary, whatever your reporting need, our reporting framework is made to cover it. It utilizes the business API of your applications, even complex, in-depth analysis
  • Geolocation extension


    • In the modern technology era, geolocation is essential.
    • BearingPoint’s Geolocation extension enables you to enrich your application with map functionalities. It can be used for track and trace activities, visualizing assets in a geographical context, defining areas as an entity that you can supervise and much more
    • Google Maps are supported by default, with the possibility to integrate with other map provider (e.g., baidu maps, map quest)
    • BearingPoint’s, a construction management solution, uses the geolocation extension to pinpoint specific locations for partners: sites, persons, addresses, and also a permanent overview of resource units from the moment they arrive on your premises, deliveries, and deviations from planned movements


  • Warehousing/inventory Management


    • If your business has deposits or other kinds of storage sections that help you deliver your day-to-day work, then you must find out more about our warehousing solution
    • BearingPoint’s warehousing management combined with its storage report and inventory applications are everything you need for managing your stock, movements, and available and used space
    • The concept behind it is taken from the real-life scenario of handling a storage process. Our solution digitalized this flow in a user-friendly and easy-to-use approach so that by the time your warehousing clerk/manager finishes the physical process, your system is up to date as well
    • Besides the storage, the solution can be easily linked to the accounting system and supports the decision-making process.
    • BearingPoint’s, a construction management solution, uses warehousing both as a stand-alone solution for managing storage space and also supports the process of handing over equipment during all stages. In addition, it helps with tracking, inventory, and movements
  • Classifications


    • BearingPoint’s classification functionality offers you the possibility to split your common characteristics of entities at the granularity you need
    • These classifications are then added to the objects that you need. It is very flexible when it comes to creating them. Multiple classes can be applied to the same object, and it is inherited if that object is part of a hierarchical structure


    • BearingPoint’s, a construction management solution, uses the classifications on different business objects such as resource units, catalogs and webshops. Classifications are also used on the webshop for range searches to help the search process within the shop. Inspection, safety and compliance are other places where classifications are useful and, last but not least, in warehousing, for more flexibility in managing storage and structure 



  • Organizational model/authorizations


    • Authorization is the process of determining which level of access is granted to each user that all software solutions need
    • BearingPoint designed a hierarchical organizational model that can be easily reduced or extended to match all types of organizational models
    • To keep everything updated with a safe approach, our solution uses both automatic and manual updating procedures of the authorizations so that division of labor and data privacy is always in place
    • Your system administrator can easily maintain it in the dedicated UI section.
    • BearingPoint’s, a construction management solution, uses a flat authorization model that only displays the relevant system features to each user, taking into account location, ownership, and team responsibility
  • Business extension suite


    • BearingPoint’s solution for managing printable outputs
    • Regardless if we are talking about invoices, emails, or forms, the output management solution is the way to go
    • It can be easily integrated with any solution you have in place
    • The output management solution is scalable and can be extended with any type of printout template suitable for your business.
    • It can include custom, specific business rules for every type of output. In addition, rules and forms can be extended and modified without additional app deploys
  • Assessments & quizzes


    • Manage and maintain multiple assessments with templates and quick access to all your quizzes in one place
    • Customize the content, choose the question type, set the correct answers and rearrange the order as you need
    • Select which target users the quiz will reach
    • Create questionnaires in a snap.
    • Save data automatically as you go and continue from the last answered question entered
  • Webshop, Catalogue & Prices


    • BearingPoint’s online shop solution began with the need to have a user-friendly and intuitive webshop
    • It all starts with your catalog of products, including classification, prices, hierarchy, and dependencies between them. It even includes scaled prices and order management to support flexibility and the best decision and shopping experience for the user
    • The catalogs behind the webshop include both the BGL catalog, which is a standard for  German-speaking countries and custom ones
    • Currently, the webshop is used in BearingPoint’s, a construction management solution, to ease the request process of construction equipment, which is the starting point of the primary process that the solution is built to support
  • Swarm - Data Colection at your fingertips


    • the right input types for your needs
    • custom section and subsection
    • static and custom validations
    • available on weband mobile
    • interconnected & validated form elements
    • anonymous form completion


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