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What it does



Compute optimal number of copy of any type of press title to be supplied for every single point of sales across your distribution network.                                            



Let human expertise input expertise by adjusting quantities with the help of contextualized information and advanced filtering/sorting features



Investigate sales trends and key performance indicators thanks to an advanced Business Intelligence module computing on-the-fly what you're looking for!


Discover DemandSens.Press in 2mn!

  • Unbeatable accuracy
    • Disruptive AutoML and Stats Engine

    • Exogenous and endogenous features embedding

    • Ensemble modeling

    • Grid search

    • State of the art ML/AI libraries

  • Practicality & versatility
    • Bottom-up forecast

    • Native supply forecasting (vs. sales forecasting)

    • Dense network 30k+ PoS

    • High-frequency products

    • Volatile markets/customers

  • Simplicity & ergonomic
    • Fully automated data pipeline

    • No data science skills required

    • Ergonomic & streamlined  UX

    • Quick response time

  • Architecture & Technology
    • SaaS with APIs

    • Serverless, i.e., fully scalable (up/down) resource allocation

    • Angular 10, MongoDB, AWS, NodeJs

Client testimonial in video

Increase direct margin

Lower distributed quantities and limit shortages.

Reduce number of unsold copies
Lower as much as possible soldout cases

Increase direct margin Increase direct margin

Enhance productivity

Focus on what matter the most

Minimize energy spent on forecasting process
Re-allocate FTEs on added-value tasks and critical business issues

Enhance productivity Enhance productivity

Contribute to CSR policy

Reduce impact on natural resources.

Minimize raw materials business needs for paper & printing
Lower carbon footprint of your distribution/supply

Contribute to CSR policy Contribute to CSR policy

How it works?

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