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What it does



Compute optimal number of copy of any type of books to be supplied for every single point of sales across your distribution network.                      



Monitor closely sales prospection from teams on the ground and reassess continuously sales targets per book and per customer.



Compute optimal quantities to be printed depending on production timeline and anticipate refurbishment


  • Unbeatable accuracy

    Advanced Analytics engine

    AI & ML libraries

    10y historical data

    Full master data ingestion

  • Industry-Specific

    Book distribution workflow

    Book industry specific features

    Bespoke business rules configuration

  • Simplicity & ergonomic

    Fully automated  data pipeline

    Ergonomic & streamlined  UX

    Stunning response time

  • Architecture & Technology

    SaaS w/ APIs

    Advanced ETL

    Serverless, i.e. scalable resources

    Angular 10, PostGre, Python, AWS…

Increase direct margin

Lower distributed quantities and limit shortages.

Reduce number of unsold copies
Reduce cost to operate & raw materials

Increase direct margin

Enhance productivity

Focus on what matter the most

Robotize and speed-up demand forecasting process
Build trust in forecast for sales team on the ground

Enhance productivity

Contribute to CSR policy

Reduce impact on natural resources.

Minimize raw materials business needs for paper & printing
Lower carbon footprint of your distribution/supply

Contribute to CSR policy

How it works?

  • 2109_DemandSens_BOOKS_Intro.pdf 3.89 MB Download

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