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  • You want to enhance your demand forecasting process?

  • You need to update forecast very regularly, with potentially many PoS/Warehouses and Products/SKUs?

  • Forecasting accuracy is at stakes and have P&L impacts?

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Business benefits

AI & ML at your fingertips

Benefit from state-of-the-art in AI & Machine Learning capabilities applied to demand forecasting

Our team has an extensive expertise  with experienced Data Sientists & Data Engineers passionate by forecasting modeling.

Get access to a tailored business software with incredible speed and quality 

We have a cutting edge technology stack that we continuously refresh and adapt to specific business requirements.


Stunning and powerful software



Innovative business models 

Share IP and lower drastically upfront cost with a traditional SaaS business model 

We propose to co-invest with you to design and build-up shortly a software that would find its own market


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