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Our Value Proposition – Your Benefits!

Focus on what matters most: Your Operations and Projects, not your Master Data
Don’t let insufficient master data quality get in your way and risk the success of your digitalization projects. Don’t allocate valuable resources to chasing and fixing data quality-related process issues. Let the BearingPoint DQN take care of that instead and allow more room for activities imminently critical to your business.

Don’t play Guessing Games about your Master Data Quality

With the BearingPoint Data Quality Navigator, the state of data quality is no longer intangible. Instead, your master data quality is measured precisely. Weak spots can be identified quickly, and the progress of improvements are continuously monitored. You will be capable of comparing and controlling organizational units from a high-level perspective down to an operational level.

Set your Goals and track your Progress

Understand the progress of your data quality improvement activities. Identify your weak spots and bundle your efforts on the most critical areas for data cleansing first. See which organizational units will achieve their goal in time and which ones are not on track. BearingPoint DQN supports the alignment of priorities across teams with a defined backlog list.
Make your operational Processes more robust

By gaining full transparency over your master data quality, you actively mitigate risks in daily operations and projects. The BearingPoint DQN helps identify and correct critical master data issues before breaking a process or having a negative business impact. No more emergency activities to address preventable process failures or needless project delays because of insufficient master data quality.

Identify Root Causes

Stop treating only the symptoms of poor data quality. Stop chasing problems that are continually re-occurring and drain your resources. Gain control: identify the root causes and heal the actual condition instead. The reverse analysis functionality of the BearingPoint DQN enables you to identify the root causes to fix the issue permanently.


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