Poor Data Quality? A significant Concern!

Data is the foundation of digitalization! Your data quality determines the success of your digitalization initiatives. Poor data quality hinders digital processes, while excellent data quality boosts process efficiency and enables new digitalization activities.

The BearingPoint Data Quality Navigator (DQN) is specifically designed to create the desired transparency and lift data quality to the next level, setting the stage for digitalization activities. Using AI-based correction mechanisms and in-house robotic process automation (RPA), data quality issues can be resolved without the need for human interaction, and you will realize immense efficiency gains across your organization.

Clean your data and enable effective data quality measurement and gain control with the BearingPoint Data Quality Navigator. 

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Your Data Quality Navigator Benefits

  • Turn your Data into trusted Information
  • Regain Confidence in the Quality of your Data
  • Gain Control and reliably identify Root Causes
  • Assess and measure your Data Quality
  • Make your operational Processes more robust
  • Easily identify insufficient Master Data Quality
  • Reduce Risks in Digitalization Projects effectively
  • Set your Goals and track your Progress
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Data Quality Bot

On September 23, 1999, the Mars Climate Orbiter burned on its way to Mars. NASA did not manage to keep its data in shape. Poor data quality caused a measurement mismatch between two software systems. The spacecraft came too close to the planet, and it was destroyed in the atmosphere. $160.9 million were wasted for nothing!

Key Facts

  • Effectiveness 5 corrected data incidents in a S/4 Transformation
  • Efficiency 70 effort reduction for data handling
  • Usage 50 Customer Production Locations are using the DQN

Use Cases

We know that every business has different needs and challenges when it comes to data quality. We’re here to help you find the best solution for your requirements. Our Data Quality Navigator supports several industry- and process-specific use cases tailored to your challenges. Check out the following use cases and find out how we can lift your data to the next level.


S/4 Transformation Accelerator

The Data Quality Navigator supports all relevant data handling activities in your S/4 journey, such as automated data cleansing, data harmonization and migration. All workflows are tool-supported and status is clearly tracked to keep an overview of go-live critical data issues.

Data Governance

The Data Quality Navigator is your solution for continuous data governance and is capable to support all data objects within modern ERP systems.

Financial Compliance Check

A proven rule set can secure your financial data in order to support financial compliance checks.

Automotive Rule Repository

A tailored rule repository covers 90% of automotive-specific data requirements and enables smooth execution of automotive best-practice processes.


External sourcing systems, such as e.g., ARIBA or JAGGAER, require availability and correctness of relevant data sets. The Data Quality navigator identifies missing and incorrect data to secure your sourcing processes.

Spend Analysis

Common spend analysis tools rely on proper data foundations. Duplicate business partner such as clients and suppliers can lead to misleading information. The Data Quality Navigator builds a proper data basis and secures a reliable decision-basis based on your spend analysis.

IoT Enablement

Advanced Technologies exchange large data volumes and act based on the exchanged data. With the Data Quality Navigator, you are sure that the quality of the exchanged data is the desired quality.

Production Process Efficiency

Process disruption in production processes reduce your OEE (overall equipment efficiency) and can lead to late deliveries to your customers. With the Data Quality Navigator, you can safeguard your production processes against data issues and focus on the execution of your processes.


Trusted by many customers worldwide. Hear what they say about our solution:

The Data Quality Navigator significantly increased our S/4 transformation efficiency – we could shorten our stabilization phase, reduce data cleansing efforts and testing efforts due to higher data quality.

S4 Program Manager of a German Tier-1 Automotive Supplier

The implementation of the Data Quality Navigator was a turnaround for our project. Before the DQN we were not aware of the poor data quality in our ERP system which putted our go-lives regularly on high risk. Now, with the DQN we can clearly measure and improve it with a streamlined data cleansing approach and go-lives became finally smooth.

S4 Program Manager of a internationally operating German Automotive Supplier

Thanks to the BearingPoint Data Quality Navigator I do not need to worry anymore about wrong or missing data which are a foundation for production execution. I can purely focus on process improvements and support our key-users properly.

Production Process Expert of an Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

The Data Quality Navigator guides us to a future where we can proactively optimize our processes and limit process disruptions to an absolute minimum. Like this, we can improve our process efficiency by 10%!

Innovation Manager of a German Automotive OEM

The Data Quality Navigator supports all mission critical data activities during our S/4 transformation – data cleansing, data harmonization, migration & data governance. The rule-based approach offers us high flexibility, and we can even check our highly industry specific data structures. After the transformation project, the DQN enables us to sustain the high data quality in the long-run.

Master Data Management Teamlead

Avoid unnecessary Risks and unleash the Power of your Data

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