Improve your security through code reviews and secure software development

Vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and bad security practices in your application‘s implementation are often easy ways for threat actors. Not only does this pose a risk to the functionality of your software and business processes, but it also means that your intellectual property or customer data can be stolen and used against you.

We help you eliminate potential attack vectors through customized code security reviews and cloud security posture assessments, but also by enabling you to establish secure software development practices within your development organization.

Exploitation of internet facing applications is the second most utilized attack vector for initial access, right after phishing.


Code reviews

Skilled attackers know what to look for in your code, and so should your developers

Identifying typical implementation and configuration errors in your application ensures that threat actors will have a hard time when trying to exploit it. While tools used for static code analysis uncover many of the standard issues, a manual code review by a skilled offensive security professional goes a step further and helps identify advanced exploit tactics and educates your DevOps engineers in the process.

By utilizing a widely accepted framework for application security like OWASP ASVS, we not only help you to make your application secure and train your developer teams but also give your users and clients the assurance that your application was developed according to security best practices and that their data is safe.

We often combine a manual code review with a penetration test for the best coverage. These hybrid reviews will significantly improve your application security. So let‘s talk and let us help you push your application security to the next level.​

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Secure software development

Establishing secure software development principles in your DevOps organization always pays off​

Finding good developers can be hard, but finding developers who understand software security is even harder. We help you train your DevOps engineers in how to establish a secure software development process based on an acknowledged standard. This covers secure coding and configuration practices, tools, and infrastructure for a sample project and will enable you to apply the learnings on all projects going forward.

The process typically only takes a few months of your time and we fluidly integrate in your team to minimize the impact on your running projects. The investment pays off quickly since fixing errors and bugs early in the process is always cheaper and less risky than finding and resolving issues in your live application.

If you're looking to initiate your journey into a professional DevSecOps team, reach out to us, and we'll assist you in reaching your goals swiftly and effectively.

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Cloud security posture assessment​

Cloud security posture assessment​

Two-thirds of all successful attacks on cloud resources utilize configuration errors made by users​

Enabling your DevOps engineers to operate more efficiently and leverage the latest capabilities of cloud hyperscalers offers numerous advantages. However, this simultaneously heightens the risk of exposing critical security issues within your cloud infrastructure due to the complexity and dynamics of modern software development environments.

To gain a real-time understanding of your security posture in either a single or multi-cloud environment, we can analyze the state periodically or continuously. We aim to assist you in establishing best practices and minimizing risks.

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